Rewards, Rebates & More

There are several ways to earn cash and rewards, or take advantage of discounts, at JHFCU. We thought we would put the list all in one place to make it extra easy to find!


Debit Card “CashPerk” Rebates* – Start earning cash back on select JHFCU Visa debit card transactions - All you need is JHFCU’s Visa Debit Card and Online Banking to participate.

Blank Check Car Loan Rebate* – Make your vehicle purchase easier, and get cash back, too.  Our “Blank Check Loan” allows you to apply and be preapproved for your next vehicle.  You will literally receive a “blank check” that you can make it payable to any authorized dealer for up the amount of your pre-approved loan. 

SmartMove Home-buying or Selling Rebates – A house is likely the most expensive purchase you will make, and most times when you move, you have extra expenses on top of your mortgage and closing costs.  So why not take advantage of some free money to help purchase the window treatments or new furniture? 

Graduate Student Savings Account*  JHFCU realizes that the Graduate Student stipend is a 10-month paycheck, thus we created a special savings account to help you save a bit during the months you’re paid, so you have a cushion for the summer.  We added a $25 bonus for the first year you have the account open. If you begin deductions into the account before October 31 and do not withdraw from the account until after May 31 of the following year, we will credit your account with a $25 rebate.




UChoose Credit Card Rewards* – It’s fun to go shopping without spending your own money!  With our UChoose Credit Card Rewards program, you can earn points for your Visa Rewards Credit Card purchases (and sometimes we double the points).  Then cash in points for gift cards, merchandise, travel and more.  Your Rewards Visa is automatically enrolled, but you need to register your Visa Rewards Credit Card with UChoose to review or redeem your points. 


Love My Credit Union Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. And that's just what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about.  Below are some of the exclusive discounts helping members save on products and services you use every day.      

$500 Mortgage Coupon