In the spring of 1971, Dr. Milton Eisenhower, President of The Johns Hopkins University, was asked to lend his support to the formation of the Credit Union, which would benefit the faculty and staff. Supported by the Administration, a small group of seven individuals convened for the first time on April, 29, 1971….

On May 14th, in accordance with Federal Credit Union membership regulations, each of these members deposited $5.00 into an account at the Maryland Credit Union League. The National Credit Union Administration granted The Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union charter #20623 on June 2nd. JHFCU became fully operational on October 1, 1971, when the payroll deduction system went into effect.

The closing statement for the first year showed 744 members and assets of $51,000. One hundred fifty-three loans of $46,233 had been made. Today the figures are much more substantial. We have grown to over 40,000 member accounts and have assets of over $402 million, making us one of the largest credit unions in the state. 

We've come a long way since those early days of organization, and our services have expanded greatly. JHFCU owes a debt of gratitude to those individuals who, through the years, have volunteered their time and energy to make the Credit Union the success it is today.