• Share Savings

    Membership at Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union begins with a $25 deposit into a Share Savings account. The $25 is not a fee, it gives you a “share” of ownership in the credit union and will be returned to you if you ever decide to close your account.

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  • Money Market

    Money Market accounts are a higher-rate alternative to a savings account

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  • Holiday Club

    Save for your holiday needs with a JHFCU Holiday Club account.

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  • Education Savings

    JHFCU offers the government-defined Coverdell Education Savings Account which offers a way to save for a child on a tax-friendly basis.

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  • Custodial

    Establish a Custodial account for your child or any child under age 21.*

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  • IRA's

    JHFCU provides a secure place to invest your retirement dollars, with no annual maintenance fees, offering both Traditional and Roth IRAs.

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  • Share Certificates

    Excellent opportunities are available to select the certificates best suited to your financial portfolio.

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  • Graduate Savings

    The Graduate Student Summer Savings account is designed specifically for graduate students who may need help saving for summer when they no longer receive an income.

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  • Custom Savings

    JHFCU Custom Savings accounts are secondary savings accounts that you can name yourself and use for a specific goal of your choice.*

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