Payroll & Electronic Deposits

  • Payroll Deduction/ACH Splits

    Set up a designated amount to come from your paycheck on a regular basis and have it sent to your savings or checking account (may be different for non-Hopkins payroll groups). You can also fill out a payroll deduction form if you would like direct deposit or payroll deductions split between more than one share or account number.

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  • Wires

    To send money in a hurry, especially internationally, a wire transfer is most likely your best option. Other methods of sending money electronically can take several days, whereas wire transfers can be completed in as little as a few hours (depending on time, country, financial institution, etc.)

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  • ACH

    Automated Clearing House is an electronic network that processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions.

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  • Cross Account Transfers (from another JHFCU account)

    A convenient way to transfer funds to other accounts at the Credit Union through Online Banking and Telebranch 24.

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  • Direct Deposit

    Enjoy the benefit of having your pay in your account for spending on payday, and often available the night before! You can then schedule bills, get cash, or use your Debit card without having to worry about depositing your paycheck. To set it up, you need our routing number (252076235) and your 9-digit JHFCU account number. Also consider using Payroll Deduction to split part of your pay into separate Savings Account(s).

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