SavvyMoney - Credit Score & Monitoring



SavvyMoney is a FREE suite of tools within online and mobile banking that make it easy to keep tabs on your credit. 

Here of some of the features you can take advantage of once you log into your account:

  • Current credit score and credit report, free, through JHFCUs Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Educational tips to help you build or keep good credit
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Personalized offers for credit cards, loans, and more*

circle arrowCheck Your Credit Score Anytime for Free

With SavvyMoney you can check your credit score for free and also receive comprehensive analysis to help you better understand your score and how you can improve it.


MMSee Your Full Credit Report

Get a full view of your credit cards and loans, all in one place. With access to your entire credit report, you can monitor your credit usage and balances, watch how your credit score changes over time, and keep an eye out for unusual activity.


ODprotectProtect Yourself with Credit Monitoring

Get an email alert if SavvyMoney detects any big changes to your credit score, along with monthly reminders when your latest credit report is ready to review. Closely tracking your credit can help you catch fraudulent activity fast and protect yourself against identity theft.



Personalized Offers*

Get access to personalized offers on credit cards and loans. Compare rates and monthly payments to help you find the right financing for you when you need it. You can also see if we can save you money by refinancing or consolidating currently debt you have.

Just like checking your credit score, comparing offers in SavvyMoney is considered a “soft pull” of you checking your credit so will never effect your score. If you choose to apply for an offer, that action will affect your credit score as this becomes a “hard pull” when JHFCU checks your credit to make a lending decision.*



Your Money Blog

Read daily posts with useful information on topics such as identity theft protection, healthy spending habits, and how to boost your credit score.


*Credit information provided by TransUnion. The credit score provided is intended to help you understand the factors that affect your credit score. It is not used for loan approval purposes, or for determining loan rates. Loan rates and approvals are based on information provided to JHFCU when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in external credit reports may be different than in our credit score service feature.