Advisory Council

Become Part of the JHFCU Advisory Council

JHFCU has created a volunteer Advisory Council to help us spread the word about JHFCU’s benefits.

We know that word of mouth is often the best way to communicate and that our members have fantastic ideas. We are seeking interested members to expand the Council.

Applicants should:

  • Be engaged members who utilize JHFCU’s services and who are genuinely interested in the Credit Union, its members, and its success.
  • Have the understanding that JHFCU exists to serve its members, but must look out for the interests of the entire membership and its ongoing financial strength, while it tries to best meet the needs of individuals.
  • Willing to advocate for JHFCU, including educating potential members on the benefits of Credit Union membership and encouraging them to join, and enlightening current members about services they might not know about.
  • Be willing to serve as a voice for other members, asking questions and providing feedback on JHFCU products and services, and the delivery of those services.

Time Commitments of Advisory Council Members

  • Willing to attend a JHFCU Overview Orientation session (held as needed for new Council members).
  • Willing to attend update meetings, which will be held quarterly — JHFCU will hold a few at various locations or virtually as needed.
  • Should attend the Annual Meeting.
  • If available, represent JHFCU at Benefit Fairs or other events where JHFCU is represented.
  • Initial term is 2 years; renewals as agreed by both CU and volunteer.

JHFCU recognizes that Advisory Council members need to work around their job duties, but asks that an effort be made for the above in order to have a successful, productive Council.

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We also have a Student Advisory Council for JHU students.  Student participants have a chance to provide input, improve leadership skills, and obtain experience for their resume!