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Did you know that worry over money problems is one of the primary causes of stress and can lead to a loss of productivity at work? Stress over finances can affect employees’ attendance, concentration and performance. Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union can provide employees with knowledge and tools to improve their financial well-being. Enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention at no cost to you.

Offer the Credit Union benefit to your employees

Fringe benefits help you attract and retain good employees in today’s competitive employment market. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that tend to offer the same services to consumers as banks, but usually with lower fees and better rates. Individuals who open accounts are members, not "customers," and become part owners of the credit union. While all employees may not need or qualify for all services, in general, JHFCU provides an excellent alternative to other banking institutions, and has the interest of its membership vs. stockholders in mind. A member volunteer Board of Directors sets policies and helps determine the strategic direction of the Credit Union.

The Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union (JHFCU) is a full-service financial institution founded in 1971 to serve the Johns Hopkins University employees. Since then, the organization has expanded and currently provides members with economical financial services like free checking, free online bill payment, online banking, mobile banking, low-rate loans, and a convenient, flexible ATM program that includes access to more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs! Bottom line: You have access to a financial institution that was created for and focused on serving its members – your employees – that’s a benefit that never expires!

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Becoming a partner of the Credit Union (Select Employee Group)

As a business partner, your company can begin to reap the same great benefits that many other Johns Hopkins affiliates have come to value.

How to Become A Partner

  1. Send the following information to [email protected]:
    • Company name
    • Approximate number of employees
    • Brief description of what your organization does
    • Website URL (if available)
    • Company mailing address
    • Your name, title, phone number, best time to call, and e-mail address

  2. A JHFCU Business Development Representative will follow up with you within approximately 48 business hours after submission*

*Due to NCUA regulations, the approval time of your application may vary. 


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Do you or one of your employees have a question for us? Set up a Virtual Appointment with our Business Development Team! Click here and select “OrientationInquiry.”


Already a partner of JHFCU and need resources?

JHFCU is happy to supply materials and provide support. Just contact your Business Development Representatives at the number or email addresses below, or you can print the following for immediate use. We highly encourage our convenient online account opening process for new memberships, additional accounts, and account maintenance. If you are printing the following forms for your employees, please let them know they will need to be mailed in and encourage them to contact us or visit us online through their online banking.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union's benefits to your company, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you in any way!


Debbie Johnson, Business Development Manager

[email protected]



What Our Members Are Saying

"When I first thought of approaching JHFCU about extending this loan, I hesitated. Oh heck, how is THIS going to work? Everything by phone or by computer because of COVID? It'll be a drag, documents will get hung up, it'll take weeks to hear anything and it won't work out for either of us. And that's if I ever got through by phone.

So then it's like 1, 2, 3 ... "You're all set! We take the first payment 10/31."

Me: "Really? Twenty-four hours later? Um, OK then. Thank you."

I felt trusted and valued for my service to Johns Hopkins University. Each time I've dealt with the people of JHFCU, I've come away feeling like this might be the best side benefit of my Johns Hopkins employment."

-S.S., 10/6/2020