Share Certificates

Earn While You Save

Share Certificates are a reliable, secure, low-risk way to grow your savings. Share Certificates are the credit union version of banks' Certificates of Deposit (CDs), offering a fixed term and better rates than traditional checking accounts. JHFCU offers a variety of terms starting at 6 months, with minimums as low as $500.

When you purchase a Share Certificate you'll get:

Guaranteed Returns - With a Share Certificate, you're locking in a fixed rate for the duration your term, ensuring growth.

Flexibility - Choose from a range of term lengths that work best for your goals. Consider selecting a series of certificates to “ladder” your maturities.

Higher Yields - Enjoy higher yields compared to a regular savings account, allowing your money to work harder for you.

Ready to Get Started?

Members can log into JHFCU online banking to transfer funds right from their current account into a Share Certificate. If you want to open a Share Certificate with money from an outside account, all you have to do is wire it in from your other account!

Not a member yet? Join today to start earning returns, plus take advantage of the unique benefits of JHFCU membership!