Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of your paycheck to JHFCU can ensure that your standard paycheck (plus any overtime or bonus pay that is included, net taxes and other withholdings) is credited to your account.  In many cases it is there the evening before your actual payday (this is dependent upon the employer and the financial institution it uses to process payroll).


Who can use Direct Deposit?

Anyone who receives pay from an employer that offers direct deposit can select JHFCU to accept their paycheck proceeds.  You can also opt to have your Social Security, retirement check, disability check and/or tax refunds direct deposited to JHFCU.


How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit?

Processes for signing up can differ by employer, but at the very least you will need your nine-digit account number (provided at account opening, viewable on checks you have for your JHFCU account, or on your statement) and JHFCU’s Routing and Transit Number—sometimes just called “routing number” or “ABA number”—JHFCU’s is 252076235.

Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System employees need to visit the Johns Hopkins ESS site to set up their direct deposit. 

Some employers provide us a copy of their forms


When Can I Sign Up?

You can sign up for Direct Deposit at any time.  In many cases you will sign up when you start a new job, but you can switch your Direct Deposit to a new financial institution at any time.  Depending on your employer’s processing schedule, the frequency of your pay, and when JHFCU receives the information, the automatic deposit of your pay to your JHFCU account may take one to three pay periods.  Note that you may receive a paper paycheck if you are stopping Direct Deposit from one institution to start another.


When Is Direct Deposit Processed?

In most cases, JHFCU processes the payroll file and puts it in a “pending” status the day before your employer’s pay date.  If you log into your account in Online Banking the day before payday, often times you can see the payroll in your transaction log as a “pending transaction”.  NOTE the funds are NOT available until they have actually posted.

Paycheck funds are typically available sometime in the evening the day before your pay date.  Many factors can affect the timing: 

  • your employer’s rules
  • JHFCU’s processing load
  • time of month or year (quarter-end processing can take longer so if your pay date falls on the last day of a quarter the posting may be later)


What else do I need to do? 

If you have stopped direct deposit to another financial institution, you need to also watch for any remaining checks to clear, and to stop any recurring bill pay payments or external debits.  You should then set up Online Bill Payment with JHFCU, and also need to give any vendors who automatically debit your account (gym memberships, insurance, EZ Pass, etc.) your new Checking Account information, or Debit Card information if you are using that.