Debit/Credit Card Security

Credit and debit cards make payment easy, but unfortunately over the years have been targeted for fraud.  Most of the breaches occur at retailers or their processing networks, systems we have no control over, but JHFCU offers several ways to help you keep your card secure.  We encourage you to use these solutions to help protect your card and account.

Debit and Credit Card Security Best Practices:

  • A text alert from us will always be from a 5-digit number and NOT a 10-digit number
  • If you have received a voice or a text message from us and are unsure about responding to it, call us at 410-534-4500 for assistance.
  • Using a mobile wallet option (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) can prevent secure information from being included in a potential data breach at a retailer. Mobile wallets store your card information and convert card data to an encrypted token to pay the retailer, so they never have access to your actual card data.
  • Regularly check your account online to see if there are any suspicious transactions. If anything looks amiss, call us directly for assistance.
  • We will NEVER ask you for your PIN or 3-digit security code on the back of your card. If someone who claims to represent JHFCU asks for this information hang up and call us directly.

Card Skimmers

  • What You Should Know

    Card skimmers are devices attached to card readers that scan and steal credit or debit card information. Card skimmers can be attached anywhere you use your card, like the gas pump, the grocery store, and the ATM to name just a few.  They're often small, or look nearly identical to legitimate card readers, which can make them hard to identify. Once your card has been "skimmed," scammers can create duplicate cards that charge your account, or sell your card information.

    Protect yourself and your account by knowing what to look out for, and a couple of strategies to avoid skimmers altogether:

    Check the card reader: Before you insert or swipe your card, take a moment to check the card reader. Does it feel loose? Does it look broken, or just "off" somehow? If so, do not move forward with the transaction, and alert the business immediately. It's better to be safe than sorry!

    Use an alternate payment method: It's always safer to use your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay), even if you're paying somewhere that doesn't have a skimmer. Your payment information isn't collected by the business when you pay with your mobile wallet, so you're protected in the event of a data breach. You can also consider paying in-app when possible, or using cash.

    Check your transactions daily: As we know, skimmers can be hard to spot, and even if you're careful it's still possible your card information could be stolen. By keeping a close eye on your accounts, you can identify fraudulent transactions and alert your financial institution before too much damage is done.

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ATM User Precautions

  • As with all financial transactions, please exercise discretion when using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The following suggestions may help reduce Your risk of theft or injury.
    1. Prepare for Your transactions at home to minimize Your time at the ATM.
    2. Mark each transaction in Your Account record, but not while at the ATM. Always save Your ATM receipts. Don't leave them at the ATM because they may contain important Account statements You receive.
    3. Compare Your records with the Account statements You receive.
    4. Don't lend Your ATM card to anyone.
    5. Do not leave Your Card in the ATM.
    6. Protect the secrecy of Your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Protect Your ATM card as though it were cash. Don't tell anyone Your PIN. Don't give anyone information regarding Your ATM card or PIN over the telephone. Don't write Your PIN in Your wallet or purse.
    7. Prevent others from seeing You enter Your PIN by using Your body to shield their view.
    8. If You lose Your ATM Card or it is stolen, promptly notify Us. You should consult the other disclosures You have received about electronic fund transfers for additional information about what to do if Your Card is lost or stolen.
    9. When You make a transaction, be aware of Your surroundings. Look out for suspicious activity near the ATM, particularly if it is after sunset. At night, be sure the facility (including the parking area and walkways) is well lighted. Consider having someone accompany You when You use the facility, particularly after sunset. If You observe any problem, go to another ATM.
    10. Don't accept assistance from anyone You don't know when using an ATM.
    11. If You notice anything suspicious, or if any other problem arises after You have begun an ATM transaction, You may want to cancel the transaction, pocket Your Card, and leave. You might consider using another ATM or coming back later.
    12. Don't display Your cash; pocket it as soon as the ATM transaction is completed and count the cash later when You are in the safety of Your own car, home, or other secure surroundings.
    13. At a drive-up facility, make sure all the car doors are locked and all of the windows are rolled up except the driver's window. Keep the engine running and remain alert to Your surroundings.
    14. We want the ATM to be safe and convenient for You. Therefore, please tell Us if You know of any problem with a facility. For instance, let Us know if a light is not working or if there is any damage to a facility. Please report any suspicious activity or crimes to both the operator of the facility and the local law enforcement officials immediately.
    15. Use TeleBranch 24 or the Internet Branch to later verify the transactions were correctly posted to Your Account.

Lost or Stolen Card: 410-534-4500 or 1-800-543-2870

During business hours: Press 6, then 2

After Hours: 855-735-0533

Activate Card or Select PIN: 1-800-992-3808

To Verify Visa Transaction after Receiving Text or Voicemail Alert: 833-735-1897

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