International Applicants

International Applicants

Non-US persons working or attending school as part of the JHU, JHH, or JHMI system are eligible for membership at Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union. You can start your application online, and then stop into a branch to complete the process and pick up your debit card!

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In order to open an account, you'll need to provide one item from each column below:

Address Requirements

International members can open non-dividend* Share Savings and Checking accounts with a temporary address, and JHFCU will issue a debit card on the spot. Once an SSN or ITIN has been obtained, members can request their account be converted to a dividend-bearing account. You are not required to provide your foreign address if you provide a US address, and we don’t require an FTIN (Federal Tax Identification Number, a taxpayer identification number issued by a country other than the United States).

All members, regardless of citizenship status, are required to provide a $25 deposit to their Share Savings account in order to establish and maintain membership.

Verification of a permanent US address must be provided within three months of the opening date, or the account will be closed. Loan applications will not be accepted until address verification is provided.

*Members cannot earn dividends or apply for a loan until a Social Security Number or ITIN is obtained and provided to JHFCU.