Benefits & Eligibility

Why Join JHFCU?

We could give you countless reasons: Our unparalleled service, our specialized products, our enduring commitment to our members, and more, but they all come down to the same principle, community.


We’re a financial cooperative built by and for the Hopkins community.

We’re more than just a place to keep your money, we’re a movement; We value our members, support our community, and take immense pride in helping our membership reach and exceed their financial goals. We don’t just promote these values, we live them. JHFCU undertakes and supports charity initiatives across Baltimore, from fundraisers to supply drives.  Our mission to serve the Hopkins community includes serving the city that Hopkins calls home.

We’re wholly owned by our members. 

Every dollar that comes into the credit union is reinvested into our membership. That means your investment in us is an investment in yourself, and in your fellow members of the Hopkins community. Our cooperative structure enables us to offer high-quality services designed for our members’ unique needs at more competitive rates than many financial institutions, and to make financial wellness attainable for members of the Hopkins community from all walks of life.

We put people first.

This principle informs everything we do and offer, from our service to our rates to our hiring practices. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment, where our employees are valued, heard, and empowered. We recognize how essential it is to take care of the people that take care of you.

Comments from Members

While we could probably fill pages with stories about how we have helped members, we think it’s best when our  members share in their own words:

A member of JHFCU since 1989, I have purchased several cars and had other loans with the CU over the years, many of them facilitated by Sharon Battaglia. Sharon is, hands down, the best loan officer I have ever worked with, from any financial institution. She knows her business thoroughly, is always kind, patient and thoughtful, and never places herself above the customer.

- R.S.