Telebranch 24

JHFCU's TeleBranch 24 service is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is TeleBranch 24? It is our automated phone system that provides basic account information 24 hours a day.

You can check:

  • Share Balances
  • Check Clearings
  • Loan Balances, Payment Information, and Amount Available (Credit Lines)
  • Certificate Accounts
  • Recent Deposits
  • Recent Withdrawals
  • Dividend Total
  • Current Rates

You can make:

  • Withdrawals by Check
  • Loan Payments via transfer from Shares
  • Advances on Lines of Credit

You can also:

  • Calculate a loan payment for a specified amount, or calculate the amount you can afford to borrow based on your desired monthly payment amount
  • Transfer funds to a separate JHFCU account via Cross Account Transfer Access 
  • Change your TeleBranch 24 PIN (This does not affect your Visa Debit card or ATM PIN. If you use JHFCU's Internet Branch we recommend you make any PIN changes online if you want the same PIN for phone and internet access.)


How Does TeleBranch 24 Work?

Simply call 410-534-4500, or 1-800-JHFCU-70 if outside the Baltimore metro area. For account information you will need to enter your account number and four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), and you will be guided through the system with a series of prompts. Note that your TeleBranch 24 PIN is not the same as your ATM PIN.

Loan Calculator

The loan calculator allows you to enter a specified loan amount, interest rate, and term and will then calculate an estimated monthly loan payment for you so you'll know how much a car payment or bill consolidation loan payment will affect your monthly budget.

Cross Account Access

The Cross Account Access feature allows you to transfer funds from your Share Savings or Share Draft Checking account or Line of Credit to another account, belonging to you or another member. For example: if you and your spouse have separate Credit Union Share accounts, you can transfer money from your account to your spouse's account without having to visit a branch. This service requires the signed authorization of the owners of all the accounts. For two-way access, Cross Account Access applications must be filled out for both accounts. Please call or visit a branch office to apply for this service. Cross account access forms are available on our website, but an original printed and signed copy must be sent or brought to JHFCU.

Phone Tree Flow Chart:

Telebranch24 Map