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Why Join JHFCU?

You have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to finding a financial institution, and will want to consider convenience, types of products that fit your financial needs, and the value—what’s in it for you?

At JHFCU you will find a wide variety of accounts and services, such as convenient onlinemobile and old-fashioned telephone audio response access, over 50,000 free ATMs and more. But the most important service we provide is our exclusive focus on the Hopkins community and our members.


Service is key.

We hire staff who want to help and who take pride in ensuring you have a good experience.  Living in a time when technology, complicated government requirements, and identity theft are ever present, we realize that problems can arise. But you will find that JHFCU staff tirelessly work to help members overcome account concerns.

Value = Money in Your Pocket.

In today’s world competition is fierce, and with the internet you can easily find price and rate information. At JHFCU, we strive to offer rates that are more competitive than other institutions, and that will provide you with longtime value. We know that there may be deals out there that we can’t beat on occasion, but for those who want to trust they are always getting good pricing, we are the place to go. Whether it’s a car loanmortgagepersonal loan, or credit card, our rates are competitive. On the savings side, rates will be higher. And if you are looking for a free checking account, with incentives like no annual fee, no monthly fee, and no minimum balance required, JHFCU’s is hard to beat. Not only are there no monthly service charges, but you can also EARN money: JHFCU pays dividends on all balances and you can earn cash rebates on purchases with our Ca$hPerks program. You can also earn rebates through our home-buying partnership with SmartMove, when you finance your home with JHFCU, or by using our “Blank Check” auto loan program. JHFCU members earned over $30,000 in rebates through them!

Hopkins Connection.

Banks and other financial institutions serve a purpose in the financial markets, and sometimes they are good neighbors to a community, but few can say they are “built by and for” a specific community. Our field of membership is composed of most of the Johns Hopkins organizations and affiliates, and we take pride in being part of this very special community. We know that the Hopkins institutions are world-renowned for their healing, research, and teaching. Those of you who work for them are helping people recover from injuries, illness, and surgeries, or teaching the next generation to better the world. As the Credit Union serving the Hopkins community, we recognize your focus and demands are on helping others. It's our job to help you with your everyday banking needs, and to give you the resources to save for and/or finance your home, car, education, or other purchases.

We’re a Credit Union—Owned by our Members.

Credit unions like JHFCU provide the same variety of financial services offered by other banking institutions, but are tremendously different. Set up as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, credit unions are owned by their members. Decisions are not made to benefit external stockholders. In our case, we were “built by and for the Hopkins community” and are owned by thousands of members—most of whom have or had a relationship with the Johns Hopkins community.

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  • Why Join?

    You have an unlimited number of choices when it comes to finding a financial institution, and will want to consider convenience, types of products that fit your lifestyle and financial needs, and the value—what’s in it for you? From great rates and top-notch service, to enjoying cash-back rebates, to being an owner, the reasons you may select us are many.

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  • About Us

    JHFCU is a full-service financial institution located in the heart of Baltimore, but serving members around the globe. Founded by a small group of Johns Hopkins University employees in 1971, JHFCU today provides value to a wide range of Hopkins and other organization.

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Comments from Members

While we could probably fill pages with stories about how we have helped members, we think it’s best when our  members share in their own words:

A member of JHFCU since 1989, I have purchased several cars and had other loans with the CU over the years, many of them facilitated by Sharon Battaglia. Sharon is, hands down, the best loan officer I have ever worked with, from any financial institution. She knows her business thoroughly, is always kind, patient and thoughtful, and never places herself above the customer.

- R.S.