Other Benefits & Services

  • Rewards Rebates & More

    There are several ways to earn cash and rewards, or take advantage of discounts, at JHFCU. We thought we would put the list all in one place to make it extra easy to find!

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  • SavvyMoney - Credit Score

    SavvyMoney is a FREE suite of tools that make it easy to check your credit score and credit report at any time through Mobile and Online Banking. It also helps you keep tabs on your credit, keeps any eye out for identity theft, helps you make good credit choices with personalized offers for credit, and more.

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  • Wire Transfers

    For instructions on incoming and outgoing Wire Transfers, visit our Wire Transfer page .

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  • Notary Service & Signature Guarantee

    The notary service is free to Credit Union members. JHFCU also offers a Medallion Signature Guarantee service to members who need signature guarantees connected to a sale, assignment, transfer or redemption of a security transaction.

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  • BWFA - Financial Advisors

    As a special benefit for JHFCU members, Baltimore–Washington Financial Advisors (BWFA) will provide you with a FREE initial consultation, retirement analysis, and portfolio review. Additionally BWFA will offer JHFCU members discounted financial planning fees.

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  • Insurance and Other Coverage

    JHFCU provides access to other financial products that we cannot offer ourselves. We look for partners who can provide access to insurance programs and other coverage that offer you good value, so that you can round out your financial well-being.

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