Deposit Options

Modern day money comes in a few forms. There’s old-fashioned cash currency and paper checks (items you can see and touch). Then there is the electronic transfer of money via plastic cards, ACH, wires, and more — you get a notice that money is “there” but you don’t see it.  And of course technology can help with both (e.g. you can take a picture of the check and deposit the photo)!  Whether you received money in hand and need to deposit it, or want to set up automatic deposits of your pay, JHFCU offers many options for you getting your money into your account. 
  • Cash and Check Deposits

    If someone gave you a cash or check, you have several ways to get the money into your account. From mobile deposit to visiting a branch, to ATM and mail, you can choose the best method for you.

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  • Payroll Deduction

    For decades JHFCU has helped its members save for a special event (holidays, weddings, vacation) or for large annual expenses (car insurance, homeowner dues), or to conveniently repay a loan. Or you can set up a small, regular amount to simply build your savings. Each paycheck the money is deposited in the account of your choosing, to help you with your budgeting.

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  • DeposZip

    Save yourself a trip to the Credit Union or ATM and deposit your checks electronically, from anywhere - use our free mobile app or desktop scanner.

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  • Mobile DeposZip

    JHFCU supports mobile deposits through our mobile apps for Apple and Android. You will have to install our mobile app in order to make deposits through your mobile device. Once installed you can tap on the mobile deposit option to get started.

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  • Shared Branching

    Access your JHFCU accounts at over 5,000 partner credit union branches nationwide and perform transactions as if you were at a JHFCU branch. Branch locations can also be found on our mobile app.

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  • ATMs

    Thanks to our partnership with the national CO-OP ATM network, we are able to offer access to over 30,000 ATMs. Most likely there is a deposit-taking ATM near you.

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  • Wires

    To send money in a hurry, especially internationally, a wire transfer is most likely your best option. Other methods of sending money electronically can take several days, whereas wire transfers can be completed in as little as a few hours (depending on time, country, financial institution, etc.)

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