Card Alerts and Controls

Enroll your JHFCU Visa debit and credit card to receive instant alerts via email or text for purchases based on the criteria you select including:

  • Card not present (e.g., for online or phone purchases) – Receive an alert any time a purchase is made.
  • Foreign transactions – Receive an alert if your card is used outside of the U.S
  • Purchase amount – Select the amount and receive an alert any time the transaction meets or exceeds that amount (excludes ATM withdrawals).

If you get an alert and had not authorized the purchase, contact JHFCU immediately.

Get Started Now* 
*You will need your JHFCU Visa debit and/or credit card number.

Card Controls

  • Alerts for PIN and Signature transactions - Detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity and get alerted when a card is used or when a transaction has been attempted but is declined.  Alerts are sent immediately after a transaction has taken place.
  • Location Based Alerts and Controls - Restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of locations using the phone’s GPS. Transactions requested outside the specific range can be declined. 
  • Usage Alerts and Controls - Set spending limits and decline transactions when amounts exceed defined thresholds. Transactions can even be monitored and managed for specific merchant categories such as gas stations, travel, and groceries.
  • Card On/Off Setting - When the card is “on” transactions are allowed in accordance with usage settings. When the card is “off” no purchase or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back “on”. Disable a lost or stolen card, prevent fraudulent activity in the card, or just keep the card safe.


 How to Enroll

  1. Log into the JHFCU mobile app, select "Card Controls" from the main menu, and tap "Go to Card Controls"
  2. Select "Yes" to download the Card Controls app.
  3. Install the JHFCU Card Controls app. Note: While the JHFCU Card Controls app can be found and downloaded from the app stores, you will not be able to enroll your cards without first logging into our main mobile app and going through the installation steps.
  4. Enable Location and Notifications permissions.
  5. Enter your card information. Once submitted, you'll receive a security code to the email on file. Enter the code in the app, and you're enrolled!
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