Online Bill Payment


JHFCU online Bill Payment is free for all members. If you want to save yourself the hassle of purchasing stamps and stuffing envelopes, you can pay your bills via your mobile device or computer to any company, organization or individual within the United States! Just log into your account and click on the Bill Payment link to get started.

With Bill Payment you can:

  • Pay bills either online or through the mobile app
  • Schedule single or recurring payments
  • View payment history
  • Check the status of a pending payment
  • Edit a pending payment
  • Delete payees
  • Schedule your bills 24/7
  • Set bill payment reminders
  • Organize payees (show preferred vendors, hide inactive vendors, etc).
    After signing up for Bill Payment, you will receive two e-mails from the Credit Union informing you your application has been approved and confirming you are "enabled" and ready to use the service*

*You must have a JHFCU Checking account to use the Bill Payment Service. Payments cannot exceed $9,999.00. Payments can only be made within the United States. Other restrictions may apply. Contact JHFCU for full details.


How Long Does it Take for Payment to Be Received?

Receipt of payment is dependent on a few factors:

  • If the payee accepts electronic payments
  • How the payee is set up to receive payments – some process more quickly
  • If it’s a mailed payment, the business day it was scheduled (e.g. if it’s processed on a Friday, the check will be mailed on Monday)
  • If it’s a mailed payment, the location of the payee. Checks are mailed from Souix Falls, South Dakota. So if your payee is on the east coast, it may take a couple of days to arrive.

What Happens if the Payee Didn’t Get My Payment?

You can call us if your payee is not showing receipt of a payment you scheduled. However, please note there are a few scenarios, depending on how the payment was processed and on what name, address and account number you used to set up the payee.


Additional Online Bill Pay FAQs