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Apply for our Anything Loan to finance, well… Anything!

If your list of things you need keeps growing, or the list of things you want never even gets a chance, JHFCU may be your first step to tackling those lists.  We understand that unexpected expenses come up, or that you sometimes realize prior bills are wrecking your budget.

With an Anything Loan from Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union,  we can help you purchase new tires to ensure you safely arrive where you need to be, upgrade your appliances to get the latest features (or to just not have to deal with a leak), or pay off legal, medical or other bills you may have.

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No Payments for up to 90 days*


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Why Finance With Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union?

With our easy online application, quick direct deposit of funds to your JHFCU savings or checking account and competitive rates, an Anything Loan from JHFCU is an affordable way to accomplish your goals or to streamline your debt management strategy. 


Plus, our friendly Loan Team will listen and suggest options.  You’ll find our member-focused approach means you get personalized service that banks and online finance companies just can’t match.


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“They made the process easy, simple and understandable for me as a first time loan recipient. I appreciated the care and consideration that they put into their customer service and how much they helped me at a time of need" 
- T.S.

How To Use An Anything Personal Loan

Your personal loan is yours to use how you’d like. However, here are just a few ideas for ways you can put your Anything Loan to use to maximize its benefits!


Home Improvements

Install a pool, make repairs, or improve your curb appeal to build equity in your home while sticking with affordable monthly payments.


Debt Consolidation

Pay off your existing loans and make one, simple (affordable) payment! Good for your credit score and good for your budget.



Plan a day to remember without breaking the bank. An Anything Personal Loan puts the celebration of your dreams within reach.


Private school tuition, education loans, books – whatever you need to make the grade, an Anything Loan can help.


Building Credit

If your future financial goals include home ownership or an affordable car payment, start by building and establish credit.



An Anything Loan can cover the less-than-fun things like medical bills, vet bills, legal costs, moving expenses, and taxes.


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Applying is Easy with Our Convenient & Secure Online Application






Log in to your account.  You’ll fill in your information with our user-friendly online form







We’ll review your application and your credit history, and contact you if needed to discuss options or answer questions.







Sign electronically with the ease and security of DocuSign, then get your funds–in most cases we simply deposit the proceeds to your JHFCU Checking or Savings account for easy access.


Get Started


Contact our Lending Department at 
[email protected] or 410-534-4500 if you have any questions.

Anything Personal Loan FAQ

  • Can I speak to anyone in person before I apply?
    Certainly! If you’ve got questions about Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union Anything loans, or any of our other products and services, contact our Lending Department at 410-534-4500, ext. 503, or email [email protected].
  • Do I have to apply for my loan online?
    In addition to applying online, you can make an appointment to apply in person at one of our Homewood or East Baltimore branch locations. However, for the most convenient application experience, we recommend applying online.
  • What loan repayment options do I have?
    Borrowers with JHFCU can choose from several repayment options to pay off their loans. You can choose from payroll deduction, recurring transfers, online banking, paying by mail, in-person payments at a branch location, and more.
  • How do I get my loan funds?

    JHFCU offers its borrowers three primary ways to receive the funds from their loans: in person, electronically, or by mail. 

    You can have the funds deposited directly into your account. We can also mail you a check for your loan amount, or you can pick up your check in person at your local branch.

  • Can JHFCU help me set up repayment options?

    Yes, we can help you set up your repayment plan. Whether that’s having your loan amount automatically deducted from your paycheck, scheduled automated payments from a JHFCU account, or you can pay online.

    Learn more about our loan repayment options.

  • Do you offer any loan protection in case I’m unable to complete my payments?

    Yes. With Payment Protection, you can make sure that neither you nor your family will be held responsible for completing your loan payment under certain eligible circumstances.

    While you are not obligated to purchase Debt Protection insurance, you may find the added peace of mind is worth the time and effort.
  • What are some other products for borrowers who want to build or establish credit?

    While you can use an Anything Personal Loan to build or establish credit so that you can be eligible for low, competitive rates on future loans, they aren’t your only option.

    We also offer Share Secured Loans, another low-rate loan that uses the funds in your Share Savings account as collateral. You can borrow up to the amount of your Share Savings account balance, and once you pay off your principal, you have access to your funds again.

    Another way to build and establish credit with JHFCU is with a Secured Credit Card, which requires a security deposit between $500 and $5,000. Improve your credit score while your deposit accrues dividends.


Other Loan Products

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*By skipping your first payments, up to 90 days, you extend your maturity date approximately up to three months. Credit insurance coverage you have on this loan does not cover any deferred payment. Since loan interest still continues to accumulate, your final payment on this loan may increase. This option is subject to change or may be discontinued at any time.