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  • My reason for giving a "10" is: everyone I have ever spoken to in my years with JHFCU has been very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I have never been left hanging or felt like a number.

    - K.T.

  • I have been employed at Johns Hopkins for 6 months and have opened a checking/savings account, refinanced my car loan with a 3.25% lower interest rate, condensed 2 credit card bills with a lower rate, and opened a starter credit card all with your credit union and couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for helping me to save $250.00 a month!

    - G.H.

  • Everyone was friendly and welcoming at the Homewood office. But more importantly, the 'blank check' car loan is SO easy and the rates are great. I did this loan in 11/19 and encouraged my son to join JHFCU so he could do the same thing when he bought his first car.

    - M.H.

  • The customer service is consistently excellent, even over the phone. This is especially important for JHU alumni like myself who take advantage of JHFCU services from outside of the region.

    - J. L.

  • I love our credit union! Everyone is always so helpful and goes above and beyond. The rates are great and every transaction I have had: auto loans, personal loan, questionable charges on my debit card, have been handled professionally and extremely easy.

    - B.H.

  • I usually get my auto loans through the dealers. I now feel like I've wasted so much money by not using JHFCU. Much better rates and financing options.

    - T.D.

  • When I first thought of approaching JHFCU about extending this loan, I hesitated. Oh heck, how is THIS going to work? Everything by phone or by computer because of COVID? It'll be a drag, documents will get hung up, it'll take weeks to hear anything and it won't work out for either of us. And that's if I ever got through by phone.

    So then it's like 1, 2, 3 ... "You're all set! We take the first payment 10/31."

    Me: "Really? Twenty-four hours later? Um, OK then. Thank you."

    I felt trusted and valued for my service to Johns Hopkins University. Each time I've dealt with the people of JHFCU, I've come away feeling like this might be the best side benefit of my Johns Hopkins employment.

    - S.S.

  • I've always loved my credit union and speak highly of it every chance I get. I opened my account in 1974 when I began my 42 year career with Johns Hopkins. As a retiree now, it's still convenient. I hate big banks and corporate greed. Keep up the great work! 

    - J. M.

  • Overall, the loan application process was incredibly easy to complete. The application and the terms of the loan that I received were very straightforward, and I particularly enjoy the fact that I'm able to get cash back on the auto loan for which I applied.

    - M.C.

  • Always great service. I really feel like I belong to something, as opposed to my other banking experiences where I felt that I was just more money in their bank. I've worked with your team for about 20 years now and I have never had a bad experience. Thank you.

    - D.S.

  • I believe that the JHFCU really has the best interests of its customers at heart. My husband and I have been most satisfied with the services and are so glad that we left Bank of America. Based on my recommendation, my daughter got her house mortgage through JHFCU.

    - S.S.

  • The service I get each and every time when I visit or talk on the phone is exceptional. Even if I don't get what I want, every time I am satisfied because your reps know how to treat and talk to people. That goes a long way. I've been banking with you since 2004 and have always been treated with respect. That in itself goes a long way. Whatever training you give you need to give suggestions to the big banks.

    - M.T.

  • It feels more friendly, student-oriented and approachable than the big banks I had experience with so far.

    - A.M.

  • The overall management and staff make being a credit union customer easy. With recent activities such as fraud and excessive fees by big banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, make JHFCU the one and ONLY choice for me.

    - R. M.

  • Been a member since 1977 and have never had a problem...they've only improved over time.

    - L.C.

  • I've been with this credit union for about 14 years and it's one of the best financial moves I've ever made.

    - Dewayne D.

  • There are a lot of great perks, incentives, and advantages associated with JHFCU.

    - Maryann W.

  • It was so easy! Everything happened via email, and the loan was approved and handled within a very short amount of time.

    - Laurie M.

  • Needed a small loan for an older vehicle. Julia Brunner explained that the car I was considering was too old to qualify for an auto loan but she could do a signature loan. She explained the difference, got my information, and within a few minutes I had a decision. She was extremely helpful and efficient on the phone. In less than an hour I had the necessary funds in my hands. It was even very close to closing time (on a Friday mind you!) and she offered to assist if the branch was closed. What great service! These things can be stressful and complicated... I felt none of that. Thank you Julia for your kind assistance. Absolutely will consider JHFCU for any additional needs.

    - Paul R.

  • I had a wonderful experience working with Kristy Jacobs today, she went above and beyond to help me with a banking issue I had that was my error. I've told several co-workers about her service and directed them where to go to sign up for their own account. Thanks again JHFCU!!

    - D.W.