Share Savings Account Fees*:


Minimum Balance Fee

$25.00 Minimum Balance Requirement

$3 per month if balance falls below $25

Excess Branch Withdrawal Fee

3 free per month, $3 per withdrawal thereafter

Re-opening a share account within 6 months of closing


Re-opening charged-off share account


*Includes Custom and Grad Student Summer Savings Account    

Share Draft Checking Account Fees:


Minimum Balance Fee

No Minimum Balance Requirement           

Share Draft (Check) Printing & Shipping WITH e-statements, Visa debit card, and Bill Pay services

One box (JHFCU Custom Checks) free every calendar year       

Share Draft (Check) Printing & Shipping WITHOUT e-statements, Visa debit card, and Bill Pay services

Pricing for check styles and shipping charges vary – ask JHFCU representative for details

Transfer From Share Savings To Cover Overdraft

$4 each

ATM/Visa Debit Card Fees for JHFCU Cardholders:


ATM/Visa Debit Card Monthly fee


ATM Cash Withdrawals (in network ATMs only)

Unlimited free withdrawals at in-network ATMs

In-network includes all JHFCU & CO-OP Network ATMs

ATM Cash Withdrawals (out of network ATMs only)

$1.50 per Per-withdrawal

(Additional surcharges charged by machine may apply)

ATM Deposits

Free, Unlimited

Point of Sale (POS) w/PIN Transactions

Free, Unlimited

Balance Inquiry Fee


Fraudulent ATM Deposit Fee

$99 each

Replacement Card Fee

$15 each

Foreign ATM Transaction Fee

1% of transaction amount, each

Miscellaneous Fees applying to Savings, Checking (Share Draft), Money Market, Bill Pay, and other accounts under one account number:


Online Bill Payment

Free, Unlimited usage

Expedited Bill Payment

$25 each, for overnight mail check payment

$5 each, for expedited e-payment (if available for payee)

Photocopies - statements

$5 each

Check copies

Available images free online (via Internet Branch); fee applies if image obtained from JHFCU records

$3 each, after 1 free per year (no charge for check images obtained via online banking)

Stop Payment Fee (official check, share draft, or Bill Pay)

$29 per check or per series of share drafts (checks)

Insufficient Funds Deposited Items (returned check or ACH deposit)

$29 each

Insufficient Funds Withdrawal Requests (by check, ATM, POS, Visa, or Bill Pay exceeding available balance)

$29 each

Courtesy Pay Overdraft

$29 each

Foreign Check Deposits

varies - ask JHFCU representative for details

Returned Foreign Check Items

varies - ask JHFCU representative

Incoming Wire


Domestic Wire Out (Branch or Fax)

$25 each

Foreign Wire Out (Branch or Fax)

$45 each

ATM Cash Limit Increase (Note: All requests are temporary & subject to JHFCU approval.)

$10.00 per request -
Increases are temporary & are reduced at the close of business (on the same business day)

Bad Address Processing Fee

$5 one-time

Dormant account fee (after 36 months of inactivity)

$10 under $50
$30 over $50

Reconciliation Assistance

$10 per hour

Account Number Change

$30 - may be waived in fraud cases

Fee to Process Garnished Account

$75 each

Fee to Research Branch Share Withdrawal

$10 each

Certified Check Fee

$5 each

Special Bill Request

$10 per withdrawal

Overnight Mailing of Documents

varies - ask JHFCU representative

Official Check Fee

1 free check per day, $2.50 each additional

Loan Payoff Letter Fee (via fax)

$10 each, free to mail

Expedited Loan Payment Fee

$7.50 each

Penalties For Early Withdrawals:


Holiday Club Account

$10 each - account may be closed for excessive withdrawals

Education Savings Account

one free per quarter (allowed at no charge after initial term elected)

$10 each (during initial 3 or 5-year term or after 1 free per quarter)

Credit Card Account Fees:


Statement Copies

$5 each

Convenience Check Stop Payment Fee

$29 per check or per series

Insufficient Funds/Returned Payment Fee

$29 each

Foreign ATM Transaction Fee

1% of transaction amount, each

Effective December 1, 2017 | Federally Insured by NCUA