Visa Online Checkout

Click, pay and be on your way - Paying online has just become easier with Visa Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) and your JHFCU Visa Debit or Credit card. 

Paying online with your Visa card is:

  • Easy - You no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords, or fill out long forms to make a purchase.
  • Smart - You’ll enjoy the same time-saving digital checkout everywhere you see this icon.
  • Secure - You can feel confident knowing that Visa uses advanced technologies and multiple layers of payment security to help protect your card against unauthorized use.

There are three ways for a cardholder to enable their cards for Visa SRC:

  • Directly through the Visa Enrollment Page.
  • During online checkout at merchants that accept Visa and display the payment icon.
  • By enabling Visa cards through participating issuer’s websites or applications.

Click to pay with Visa when you see this icon VISA SRC Iconwherever Visa (credit/debit) is accepted.

Enroll in Visa SRC

Note: Existing Visa Checkout users will have access to the Visa cards already stored.

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