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JHFCU is a full-service financial institution located in the heart of Baltimore, but serving members around the globe. Founded by a small group of Johns Hopkins University employees in 1971, JHFCU today provides value to a wide range of Hopkins and other organizations

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Mission Statement

The mission of Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union (JHFCU) is to provide its members with competitive, high-quality financial services, while remaining strong, secure and reliable in its operations.

What is a Credit Union

We are member owned. Credit unions are different from their banking counterparts because the accountholders are OWNERS. As soon as you deposit $25 in an account with us, you own a share of the organization. That account is still your money and acts like a traditional banking account, but benefits to you are better. (more)


In the spring of 1971, Dr. Milton Eisenhower, President of The Johns Hopkins University, was asked to lend his support to the formation of the Credit Union, which would benefit the faculty and staff. Supported by the Administration, a small group of seven individuals convened for the first time on April, 29, 1971.

Administration – Volunteer Board of Directors

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is owned and operated by its members. The administration includes an 11-member volunteer Board of Directors, who set general policies; a Supervisory Committee whose members provide an internal check on financial and operational matters; an Asset-Liability Committee whose members monitor the financial health of the organization; and an Appeals Committee, whose members ensure the adherence to loan policies.

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JHFCU has created a volunteer Advisory Council to help us spread the word about JHFCU’s benefits. Learn more and how you can join!