Educator Savings

A new way to save!

The Educator Savings account is a separate dividend-earning savings account created to help Kennedy Krieger Institute Special Education employees save throughout the year and supplement the income gap faced during the summer months. There is no minimum balance required to open this account, you only need to be a JHFCU member to get started! Open your Educator Savings account by May 10th, 2024 to be eligible for our $50 Bonus*. 

Once you've opened the account and started saving, your funds will automatically be transferred to your Share Savings account on June 1st, 2024.

You do not have ATM access with this account, but you do have emergency access through online banking.

Open an Account


Already a JHFCU member?

  • Log in to online banking, click Open Sub-Account, choose Other, then Kennedy Krieger Institute Educator Savings on the secure form
  • Call our Member Service Center at 410-534-4500
  • Visit one of our branch locations
  • Mail in the Educator Savings form to one of our branches



$50 Bonus*

In order to be eligible to earn the $50 bonus, you must:
  • Open your account by May 10th, 2024
  • Have a direct deposit of at least $25 into the account by May 10th, 2024
  • Not make withdrawals or transfers from the account prior to June 1st, 2024
  • Be employed in Special Education with a reduced summer work schedule on June 1st, 2024

Members who open this account after May 10th, 2024 and/or have a direct deposit of at least $25 in the account after May 10th, 2024 will not be eligible for the bonus on June 1st, 2024 but will be eligible for the following year. 

Direct Deposit

In KKI Workspace:
1. Select Savings, and enter JHFCU Routing Number: 252076235
2. Enter JHFCU Account Number-87 (Ex. 123456789-87)
3. Enter Dollar Amount of at least $25


Already have your NET Direct Deposit going to JHFCU? 

You have the option of splitting your direct deposit internally and setting a dollar amount to deposit into your Educator Savings account each pay. Call our Member Service Center or send a secure message through online banking. 

ACH Split Form