JHFCU takes security of your money and identity very seriously.  We have several layered approaches to protect your account.  We also feel it’s important to help you learn about ways to safeguard your information and about how you can watch for signs of a problem.  The sections below outline ways we work to keep your account secure, and offer information about how you can help keep your cards, computer and identity safe. 

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    Debit/Credit Card Security

    Between EMV “Chip” features, 24-7 transaction monitoring, “token-enabled” alternatives like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout, and participation in Visa Purchase Alerts, we use a multi-layered approach to prevent fraud.

  • ODprotect

    Identity Theft

    If you are the victim of identity theft there are resources to help. The Federal Trade Commission’s IdentityTheft.gov can be used to report and recover from identity theft.

  • malware

    Cyber Security Information

    Whether it’s tips on online or mobile security, phishing or other challenges, JHFCU wants to help you stay secure

  • beware

    Digital Threats

    Criminals are continuously working to get your personal information via phone, computer, and other electronic devices. Malware, Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing are some of the more common fraudulent practices.