Past Polling Results

Spring Home Projects
What are your favorite social media sites?
What are your plans for your tax refund?
What home projects are you hoping to accomplish this spring?
What’s your favorite Olympic sport?
What is Important to You at JHFCU?
What decade did you join?
What are your favorite social media platforms?
What is your favorite feature in our Mobile App?
What is Your Resolution for 2021?
What is your favorite way to pay for purchases?
What new way(s) have you found to do business with JHFCU during the pandemic shutdown?
How Long Have You Been A Member?
Which streaming services do you listen to?
What do you look forward to most when going to a party?
Where do you prefer to spend  Thanksgiving?
What do you like most about Halloween?
How do you like our website new
How did you hear about JHFCU?
Have you started your taxes?
New Year
What is your lowest credit card rate?
What do you like most about Thanksgiving?
When shopping for a loan, what’s most important to you?
How Do You Prefer to Pay Your Bills?
Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Which Seminars Would Like JHFCU to Offer?
What are Your Favorite Winter Olympic Sports?
What TV channels do you watch most?
What is your New Year
How do you Holiday Shop?
What is you favorite Thanksgiving dish?
What sports do you watch on TV?
How do you like our new website?
Favorite Communication Channels