Online Banking FAQ

Online Banking FAQ

  • How do I unlock/reset my Online Banking password?

  • What functions are available through Online Banking Account Access?

  • How can I find my account number within Online Banking?

  • When will Internet Branch transactions be posted?

  • May I download information to my financial management software?

  • Could you give me information about exporting files?

  • How long is my "transaction history" available?

  • How long are check copies available?

  • What about security issues? Can other people see my accounts or watch what I'm doing with my transactions?

  • How do I use Quicken Web Connect?To us web connect you will need to do the following to download your information:

  • How will I log into my account after registering?

  • Can I make deposits with my mobile device?

  • Why does my device show as "failed" after successfully registering it?

  • Where can I see my Escrow?

  • I’m getting an error when trying to access Bill Pay or my E-Statements

  • How do I download JHFCU's mobile app?

  • I keep getting "time out" messages each time I try to explore my account information.

  • What are the supported devices and operating systems for Online Banking?