Checking Account FAQ

Checking FAQ

  • Does a debit card come with this account?

    Yes. You’ll get a free Visa® Debit Card that you can use at over 30,000 fee-free ATMs Nationwide through our partnership with the CO-OP Network, plus many JHFCU ATMs on Hopkins Campuses.

    To learn more about our cards, including what to do if you’re traveling or your card is lost or stolen, click here.
  • How do the cash back rewards work?

    All you need is our Visa® Debit Card and Online Banking to participate in our rewards program. Once you have these products, you’ll be automatically enrolled. Then, within your Online Banking or Mobile App portal, you’ll see and accept special offers that give you your rewards. 

    Click here for a step-by-step guide of how our Ca$hPerks program works.
  • How does your overdraft protection work?
    We have several overdraft options to meet your needs. Our Courtesy Payment overdraft option is the standard protection that all account holders can opt-in for. We also offer courtesy transfers from a Share Savings Account and a Loanmaker Line of Credit or Home Equity Line of Credit. To learn more about these options and how to apply or opt-in for them, please click here.
  • How can I set up a direct deposit?

    If you are a Hopkins Employee and would like to set up direct deposit, you'll need your JHFCU account number and routing number, and you'll need to input information into your Employee Self Service portal (ESS). To set up a payroll deduction, you can include the payroll deduction forms with your membership application. If you are not a Hopkins employee, please contact your employer to set up direct deposit. We have more information to help you with this process here.

  • How can I transfer money with this account?
    We offer free ACH Transfers and free incoming wire transfers with this account.
  • I paid this bill by JHFCU check and it still has not cleared. What do I do?
    You should begin by contacting the recipient to ask if they received the payment—they may have a backlog in processing. If they have not received the check, and you feel reasonable time for the mail has taken place, you may want to place a temporary or permanent stop on the check. 
  • I paid a vendor by check, and it cleared my account, but there is no image. Can I get an image?

    If the check was not converted to an ACH, JHFCU can provide a copy; if the check was converted, we can work with the vendor’s bank to obtain a copy – the other bank may assess a fee.

  • I have an automated payment being debited from my JHFCU account. I want to stop it. What do I do?
    The best way to stop the payment is to contact the vendor who is submitting the request. If they are unresponsive, you can request a one-time stop payment or a permanent stop payment of ACH debits.  A one-time stop payment is used stop one specific payment for the date and amount you request.  A permanent stop payment will cancel all future payments to that vendor payee.  To request a one-time or permanent stop payment for automated debits, you will need to complete the Stop Payment FormPLEASE NOTE THAT DEPENDING WHERE THE ITEM IS IN THE PROCESSING, THE STOP PAYMENT REQUEST MAY NOT BE EFFECTIVE.  Contact our Member Service area for assistance at 410-534-4500.