Ca$hPerks FAQ

Ca$hPerks FAQ

  • What is Ca$hPerks?
    Ca$hPerks Rewards is a merchant rewards program in which Online Banking members may receive offers to earn cash back rewards for using their JHFCU Visa Debit Card to make purchases at participating merchants. When available, a link to personalized offers will be displayed in the dashboard of Online Banking, and at the top of your Checking Account history page in Online Banking. Click on “View All Offers” to see a complete list of your specific offers. There is no limit to the cash back rewards a member can earn. So, the more you use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card, the more offers you can receive and the more cash back rewards you can earn!
  • Is Ca$hPerks free?
    Ca$hPerks is a free program; there is NO COST to you. This program is just one of the many benefits of membership with JHFCU.
  • How do I enroll in Ca$hPerks?
    No enrollment is required! All JHFCU members in good standing are automatically eligible for Ca$hPerks. However, you must have a JHFCU Share Draft Checking account and Visa debit card, and be enrolled in Online Banking, to see offers and earn rewards.
  • Where do I go to see my Ca$hPerks offers?
    Your personalized offers will display in the dashboard summary screen in Online Banking, and at the top of the Checking account transaction history page. Click on “View All Offers” to see a listing of all offers located on the Ca$hPerks Summary page. This page contains a summary of total rewards earned to date (note, the total includes an accumulation of all earned offers---it includes those that have been credited to your checking account in the past, as well as redemptions earned but not yet credited). Basically it is a summary of rewards you have earned through the program.

    The page also lists offers available for activation, activated offers, and redeemed offers, as well as specifics for each offer, including minimum purchase requirement, maximum rebates, expiration dates and any exclusions. Offers will be labeled as "New Offers" until you click to activate them. Once clicked, an offer is labeled as an "Active Offer." Activating an offer does not mean you instantly earn the reward. After activating an offer, you need to make a purchase at the merchant using your JHFCU Debit card, and comply with the participating merchant's offer terms in order to redeem the offer.

Ca$hPerks FAQ - Earning Rewards

  • How do I earn rewards?

    Offers are based on how you use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card. Most offers are tailored to your purchases to ensure they are relevant to you. The more you use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card, the more likely you are to receive offers. To earn cash back rewards, simply activate the offer by clicking on it. Each offer will have different qualifications and must be activated to qualify for the cash back reward. Once the offer is activated, use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card at the participating merchant to pay for the transaction before the expiration date.

  • How do I activate an offer?
    From the Ca$hPerks Summary page, click "View All Offers", then click on the offer to activate it. Once activated, simply make a purchase using your JHFCU Visa Debit Card (either PIN- or Signature-based) at the participating merchant. You must comply with the participating merchant's offer terms in order to redeem the offer.

    Once clicked, the offer will move down to the “Accepted Offers” section meaning it is active and can be redeemed by using your JHFCU debit card at the merchant.

    Details on the Offer are displayed when you click on it, noting the offer, the maximum cash back, other requirements or exclusions, and the expiration date.
  • Do I need a code or coupon for an offer?
    You usually do not usually need a coupon or code to redeem an offer. They are NOT required for in-person purchases. However, each offer has different specifications regarding redemption requirements and how much the member needs to spend. Offers that must be redeemed online are clearly specified and may include a redemption code. Members should read the offer details to determine how to redeem each offer.
  • How long do I have to redeem an offer?
    Each offer has an offer period set by the participating merchant. Offers must be redeemed before the expiration date. The expiration date can be found in the offer details section of each offer. Offers must be redeemed before they expire. Once an offer has expired it cannot be reinstated. Please review all offer details, including expiration dates, on the Ca$hPerks Summary page. Note, however, that some merchants repeat their offers, so if you had accepted an offer but had not redeemed it before the expiration date, the same offer may show up again—you would need to “accept” the new offer and then could shop at the merchant to earn a reward.
  • Will all of my debit cards on my account be eligible for Ca$hPerks?
    Only active checking accounts with an associated JHFCU Visa Debit Card are eligible for Ca$hPerks and are automatically enrolled, but all cards with access to that account are eligible.
  • Can the joint owner on my account access Ca$hPerks?
    Yes, joint owners have access to activate and redeem rewards as long as they have an active JHFCU Visa Debit Card on the account. Note, whoever redeems the reward first will see the offer convert to “earned”—it cannot be used separately by both owners.
  • Someone I know received an offer I want. How do I receive that offer?
    Since offers are based on personalized use of your JHFCU Visa Debit Card, you may not receive the same offers. Offers are typically based on the types of merchants you have visited in the past, and some are offered more widely than others. If you have dined out and used your JHFCU Visa Debit card at a particular restaurant, you may receive offers from other restaurants. If you shop at sporting goods stores, you may receive offers related to sports.
  • Can I use a merchant's coupon or other discount at the merchant and still qualify for my Ca$hPerks rebate for an offer I have activated?
    Yes, as long as the final amount paid with your JHFCU Visa Debit card meets the requirements of that offer after the coupon or discount is applied. For example, if the Ca$hPerks offer requires a purchase of $20, the amount of the purchase after the discount must be at least $20. If you are purchasing something that costs $30 and you have a $5 coupon from the merchant or another external source and use it, bringing the purchase amount down to $25, you will earn a Ca$hPerks rebate on the $25 transaction. If you were buying a $30 item and had a coupon for 50% off, reducing the transaction to $15, you would NOT qualify for the Ca$hPerks rebate for that transaction. You could of course shop again if it’s before the expiration period and earn the rebate if your purchase met the qualification.
  • Is sales tax included in the amount for offers that have minimum purchases requirements?
    Yes, the minimum amount includes the sales tax for that purchase. For example, if an offer requires you to spend $40.00 to qualify and you spend $38 plus $2.28 sales tax ($40.28), your purchase will qualify. Members should read the offer details carefully for each offer to determine any exclusions specific to that offer.
  • Is there a Maximum Amount I can earn?
    There may be a maximum reward on each individual offer specified by the merchant, but there is no maximum on the amount of total rewards you can earn in any given month or in aggregate as long as you are participating. Merchants do set some limits, so for example if an offer is for a 10% rebate with a maximum rebate of $15, if your purchase totals $160, you will receive the maximum $15 rebate. However, you can accept as many offers as you are presented, and if you use your card and earn the rewards, it will be added to your total amount credited.

Ca$hPerks FAQ - Receiving Cash Back Rewards

  • How can I view cash back rewards earned?
    A running total of all Ca$hPerk cash back offers earned will be both in the Ca$hPerks box in the dashboard and part of the banner in the Ca$hPerks section of the Checking history page. For details on offers, click "View All Offers", then click on the "Rewards Earned" tab.

    The cash back rewards details for the past three months, and the expected month the cash back rewards will be deposited to the your account, will be displayed. Note the running total “Total Earned” is cumulative for the entire time you have been in the program and redeeming offers, so it will continue to grow, but the details on older rebates will drop off.
  • I used my Debit card for an offer, but the offer still shows as “Available”. When will my cash back rewards show as earned?
    Your cash back rewards for your offer will take 2-5 business days, and sometimes up to 10 business days to convert to “earned” status after the qualifying transaction posts to your account. If your purchase is over the weekend, it can seem like a long time before you see the credit as the transaction has to clear in the Visa system and matched in the Ca$hPerks database. But after several business days, the status should convert to “Rewards Earned”. You can check the Ca$hPerks Summary page to review the status of your rewards.
  • I accepted an award, and went to the merchant before it expired, but didn’t get credit. It’s been over a week and my Reward still is not showing as “Earned”. What can I do?
    First, verify the details of the offer—some merchants put restrictions on locations, e.g. “not valid on locations inside a hotel”—to ensure you met all of the listed qualifications. If you feel your purchase should have qualified, contact JHFCU at 410-534-4500 or 1-800-543-2870, or submit a Secure Message within Online Banking, and provide us the name of and address of the merchant, the date you accepted the offer, the expiration date of the offer, the date of the transaction (date you were actually at the retailer), and the purchase amount and we will submit a research ticket to our Online Banking vendor. In some cases the merchant’s listing in the database doesn’t match the listing in the Visa system, so it doesn’t sync on the back end, but if it were deemed as a qualified purchase, you will be credited with the reward.
  • When will my cash back rewards actually be credited to my account?
    The Ca$hPerks rewards earned in the PRIOR month will be deposited on the last business day of each month into the Checking account (02 suffix) with the description 'CA$HPERKS REWARDS'. For example, any rewards you redeem in the month of May will be credited to your account at the end of June. The Ca$hPerks Rewards Earned screen will show the month it was or will be credited as shown here—note the ones “To be deposited in June 2015” will be deposited on the last business day of June, June 30th. If June 30th were on weekend, the credit would come sooner.
  • What account are my cash back rewards deposited too?
    The cash back rewards will be deposited into the Checking account (02 suffix) in almost all cases, with the description 'CA$HPERKS REWARDS'. In some rare occasions the credit may post to Savings, if there is an issue with the Checking, but Checking is the default account to receive the credit.
  • If I make several purchases with the same merchant, will I get a cash back reward for all of the purchases?
    No. Only the first purchase with that participating merchant will qualify for the cash back reward.
  • If I make a purchase and earn the reward, but later return the item, will my reward be reversed?
    In most cases you will probably keep the reward, as returns don’t appear to be tracked, but in the future returned items resulting in a credit back of the transaction may affect the reward.
  • Will my Ca$hPerks rebate credits be counted as dividend interest on my JHFCU and be reported as taxable income?
    Typically points, cash back rebates, rewards and discounts associated with debit and credit card transactions are considered non-taxable rebates that reduce the purchase price of the goods or services that resulted in the reward. They are not income and, therefore, do not require 1099 reporting.

Ca$hPerks FAQ - Opting Out

Ca$hPerks FAQ - Miscellaneous

  • Why haven't I received any offers?
    Offers are tailored to your personalized shopping with your JHFCU Visa Debit Card. Offers may be dependent upon the type of merchants you use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card with. Also, the more frequently you use your JHFCU Visa Debit Card the more likely you are to receive offers. You may want to check your enrollment status to ensure you have not accidentally opted out of Ca$hPerks.
  • Does the merchant know who I am, or have access to my personal account information?
    No. JHFCU does not provide personal account information to merchants. Merchants get no names or debit card numbers. They do not know that you, personally, have received or redeemed any particular offer. Your Debit card is associated with an anonymous number and the credits from that number are matched to your Online Banking account in a secure server.
  • Can I request a merchant be added to the CashPerks program?
    There is certain criteria that our Ca$hPerks vendor looks at to determine if they will approach a new advertiser, since the merchant is the one paying for the rebates and looking for increased business through the program from not only our credit union but other financial institutions participating. The program is typically going to be limited to larger, national merchants at this point. However, you can submit the merchant’s name and contact information by emailing it to [email protected] and we can pass it along to the Ca$hPerks company.