Credit Card FAQ

Credit Card FAQs

  • How will I know what my rate and credit limit are?
    You will receive a letter upon approval stating your rate and initial credit limit. Each individual's limit will vary based on credit, income, amount of other unsecured JHFCU loans, and other variables.
  • What if my payment arrives late?
    If your payment arrives past the scheduled due date, you will owe interest for the prior billing cycle and current billing cycle, which will be added to your next bill. A late fee of $25 will also be applied. 
  • How can I make a cash advance?
    You can make a cash advance at our branches, at an ATM with your PIN, or via Telebranch24 over the phone. Note that online transfers for cash advances are not currently available. Cash advances start accruing interest immediately, and come with either a $5 or 2% fee of the amount advanced each day—whichever is greater. 
  • What should I do if I'm planning to travel out of the country?
    If you are traveling abroad, please log into online banking to submit a Travel Notification Form or contact us and we will be able to assist you.
  • When will I receive my credit card statement?
    JHFCU’s cycle date for Card Statements is the 28th of each month; statements will be sent out within a few days after the cycle closes. If you are enrolled in e-statements for your regular JHFCU account, you will automatically be enrolled in e-statements for your credit card. The credit card statement will appear on the same screen as your regular account statement. 
  • Can I have a co-applicant on my credit card?
    Yes, co-applicant can be added to the application. A co-applicant has co-ownership of the card and can use it just as the Primary Owner would. The co-applicant is equally responsible for paying off the balance of the card.
  • Can I have an authorized user on my credit card, or add one in the future?
    Yes, authorized users can be added to a member's credit card account as long as they are over the age of 18. To add an Authorized User, a form needs to be completed and signed by the card holder and authorized user.