Credit Card FAQ

My New Credit Card

  • How Long Will It Take To Get My Card?
    Cards are processed and mailed once your application is approved. They typically are processed within 3-5 days, and should arrive in 7 business days from application date, depending on the mail.
  • When Does My Card Expire?
    Your card will expire on the last day of the month, 36 months from month of issuance.

Activate or Select a New PIN for my Credit Card

  • How Do I Activate My Card?

    Your card will arrive in an inactive status. You will need to call the number available on the sticker that is attached to the card, and will need to verify certain information in order to activate the card. Once the card is activated, you can begin using it immediately. No need to call from home phone number

  • How can I Change my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

    To change your Visa Credit Card PIN, you need to call 1-800-992-3808, which is provided on the PIN mailer. Unlike JHFCU's Visa Check cards, you cannot change the PIN at one of our branches.

    *Cardholders are advised to select a PIN when they activate the card. 

  • What Do I Do If I Forget My PIN?

    If you forget your Credit Card PIN, please call 1-800-992-3808 to change your PIN. 

Co-Applicants and Authorized Users

Rewards Points

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Credit Card

  • What If My Card is Lost, Stolen or Damaged?

    Contact the credit union at 410-534-4500 or 800-543-2870. If you call during our normal business hours, we will deactivate your card. If you call after hours, our third-party card processor will deactivate your card to prevent unauthorized activity from occurring.

  • How Do I Get a Replacement Card?

    Contact the credit union. Your old card will be deactivated and a new card will be processed and mailed.

My Rate and Credit Limit

  • How Will I Know What My Rate Is?

    You will receive a letter at the time your card is approved stating your rate and initial credit limit.

  • Will My Rate Ever Change?

    JHFCU is offering a "Non-Variable" rate credit card product. This card is NOT linked to an index like Prime or LIBOR, and thus will not go up or down automatically. But your rate could vary at some point based on circumstances with your account or credit standing, and/or interest rates in general. You would receive advance notice (45 days) about any change and would have the option to payoff and close out the card. Any rate changes would only affect future transactions, not your prior outstanding balance.

  • What Will My Limit Be?

    JHFCU uses various criteria to set each member's Visa credit line limit. The maximum amount allowed is $25,000, but each individual's limit will vary based on credit, income, amount of other unsecured JHFCU loans, and other variables. Your limit will be displayed on the letter you receive when the Credit Card account is established.

  • How Can I Increase My Limit?

    You may apply for a credit increase buy contacting JHFCU. Your increase, if granted, will be based on your current income and credit situation, as well as your card history.

  • Will My Limit Ever Be Decreased?

    JHFCU reserves the right to decrease a member's credit limit under certain circumstances, including but not limited to a drastic change in your credit score, late payments to JHFCU, or other situations. An annual review of the cardholder base for possible evaluation of increase and or decrease of credit limits will be conducted.

Making Payments

  • How Can I Make a Payment?

    There are many options for making a payment to your JHFCU Visa Credit Card:

    1. Transfer online from Checking, Savings, or another transactional account to your Visa Loan account. Payment will be credited immediately and balance and available credit will be updated.
    2. JHFCU's Online Bill Payment – You can use JHFCU's Online Bill Payment service to make a payment, but note that it will take 2 business days to credit the Credit Card account and update the balance. If you do like to use Online Bill Payment for ease of paying all your bills and tracking, you can pay your Credit Card this way. When you set up JHFCU as a Payee, use your regular 9-digit JHFCU account number, a dash, and you 2-digit loan suffix number between 70 & 77, (EX:. XXXXXXXXX-XX.)  Do not use the 16-digit number on the plastic credit card. You should use JHFCU's main address, 2027 E Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205.
    3. JHFCU TeleBranch 24 — You may transfer your payment from a JHFCU account to your Visa; use your loan suffix number between 70 & 77 (EX: XXXXXXXXX-XX.)
    4. Online Bill Payment from an Outside Bank - When you set up JHFCU as a Payee, use your 9-digit JHFCU Account number - 2-digit loan suffix number between 70 & 77 (EX: XXXXXXXXX-XX.) Do not use the 16-digit number on the plastic credit card. You should use JHFCU's main address, 2027 E Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205
    5. Mailed Check Payment
    6. Branch Payment by Check
    7. Branch Payment by Transfer

    NOTE: You should not set up automatic recurring transfers, since the monthly amount will vary. Also, Payroll Deduction payments are not an option for the Credit Cards.

  • When Will I Receive My Credit Card Statement?

    JHFCU's cycle date for Card Statements is the 18th of each month; statements will be sent out within a few days after the cycle closes. If you are enrolled in e-statements for your regular JHFCU account, you will automatically be enrolled in e-statements for your credit card. The Credit Card statement will appear on the same screen as your regular account statement.

  • When Is My Payment Due?

    Your due date is at least 25 days after the close of the billing cycle. Your Credit Card payment will be due on the 15th of each month.

  • What If My Payment Arrives Late?

    If your payment arrives past the scheduled Due Date, you will owe interest for the prior billing cycle and current billing cycle, which will be added to your next bill. A Late Fee of $25 will also be assessed.

  • How Much Will My Payment Be?

    Your Minimum Payment due will be 2% or $30, whichever is greater. Of course you can pay the balance in full each month to avoid interest charges, and/or can pay more than the minimum payment due at any time. Please note: If you have a total outstanding balance of under $30 for the first statement cycle, the system will still show a minimum of $30 due, but you are only responsible for the amount charged.

  • What Happens If I Pay My Bill On Time, But The Check I Use Is Returned (Bounced)?

    If you made a payment by check that was returned for non-sufficient or non-available funds, we will reverse the payment on your account. You will be charged interest on outstanding balances as if the payment were never received, and will be charged a Returned Check Fee as well. If your reversal is made after the due date and you didn't make another minimum payment, you will incur a Late Fee, too.

  • I Used To Carry A Balance, But Paid My Account In Full This Month; Why Was I Charged a Finance Charge?

    Depending on the statement cycle and your average daily balance, you may have had a residual balance in the new cycle even though you paid off your balance with your last payment.

Cash Advance and Balance Transfers

  • How Can I Make a Cash Advance?
    • In a Branch – Our branch staff can help you make a cash advance from your JHFCU Visa Credit Card. You can simply go to a teller window. You do not need to bring/show your Credit Card, but as always will be required to show a valid photo ID. You may withdraw up to your available limit.
    • At an ATM – You will be mailed a Personal Identification Number (PIN) after your card is sent. You can use your Credit Card and PIN to make a cash advance at any ATM displaying the Visa or PLUS network logos. NOTE: There is a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of $1,000. No increases in the daily limit will be allowed.
    • Via Telebranch24 – You can transfer from your Visa Credit Card to another JHFCU account over the phone. The Cash Advance fee will be charged that night.

    You cannot make an Online Transfer/Cash Advance into another JHFCU account at this time. This feature may be added in the future. Please note that all Cash Advances begin being charged interest starting on the date of the advance, and that there is a Cash Advance Fee (see next question).

  • Can I use my Visa Credit Card as an Overdraft Source?

    No. At this time your Visa Credit Card is not an option for overdraft protection for checking.

  • When Will the Cash Advance Fee Be Applied To My Account?
    The fee will be charged in the nightly processing run on the date of the Cash Advance.
  • How Much is the Cash Advance Fee?

    The fee for cash advancement is $5 or 2% of amount advanced each day, whichever is greater. Interest begins accruing immediately.

  • How Can I Do a Balance Transfer to Pay Another Outside Credit Card?

    Balance transfers can be completed using this link. Branch staff will assist with the issuance of payments made directly to outside credit card. Note that initially JHFCU will be sending any Balance Transfer payments via US Mail. You should account for mail time and should continue to make any minimum required payments until the payment is posted to your outside account.

Other Frequently Asked Credit Card Questions

  • When Will a Transaction Show on My Account?

    A transaction will appear as "pending" almost immediately after the purchase takes place. However, transactions may post throughout the day at any time.

  • When Will the Pending Hold Drop Off, if the Hold Was For Something That Didn't Match Up?

    If the actual transaction does not come through and match the pending amount, the pending amount will drop off after 36 hours.

  • How Do I Dispute a Transaction?

    The best way to dispute a transaction that you feel is in error is to contact the merchant. A merchant will be able to act more quickly and reverse a wrong charge. If you cannot resolve the issue with the merchant, you may contact JHFCU and we will put a claim through Visa. Note that this process can take up to 120 days.

  • How do I report Fraudulent Transactions?

    If you discovered fraudulent or suspicious transactions associated with your credit card, please contact the credit union at 410-534-4500 or 1-800-543-2870 as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

  • What Should I Do if I Am Planning To Travel Out of the Country?

    If you are traveling abroad, please log into your account to submit a Travel Notification Form or contact us and we will be able to assist you. 

  • What if my card is Blocked?
    JHFCU uses a sophisticated transaction monitoring system to track card activity. If the activity falls out of a normal pattern, your card access may be suspended and our Fraud Monitoring Service will attempt to contact you at the home phone number we have on file. If your card is blocked, contact the credit union at 1-800-543-2870. If you are traveling out of the country, you may need to call our regular number at 410-534-4500. If you call after-hours, you will have an option to be routed to our after-hours Card Services Center. They may ask to verify information before unblocking your card.
  • Where Can I Find My Credit Card Information Online?

    Your JHFCU credit card balance, history, and pending transactions can be found on JHFCU's Online Banking site. Your Credit Card, whether it is the low-rate or the Rewards card, will be listed on the Account Summary screen under the Loans section.

    The Rewards Card will be listed as Rewards Visa Card; the low-rate card will be listed as Visa Credit Card. You can make a payments to your Credit Card account by transferring from your JHFCU Checking, Savings, or other transaction account. You cannot transfer FROM the Credit Card online at this time.