Home Improvement Loans

Johns Hopkins FCU has many choices for the homeowner wanting to tackle a rehab project, add a deck, or just get some painting done.  While usually a Home Equity Line or Loan work well for the larger, more expensive projects, sometimes you have a small project like a roof or new doors where a JHFCU Home Improvement Loan is a better option.  These loans are used for small projects and are available at rates lower than a signature loan.   Other features:

  • Available for amounts up to $4,999.
  • Rates are lower than a regular JHFCU signature loan for the same amount.
  • Checks are made payable to the applicable contractor.
  • A copy of the invoice is required.
  • There is no lien on their property.
  • No proof of insurance is required.
  • The interest is not tax deductible.
  • The loans are subject to HMDA reporting (questions are asked during the application process).
  • Approval and processing are quick—once we have the application and invoice or estimate we can disburse the loan and give you the check!

So if you have a small home improvement project and need help with financing, take advantage of a low-rate JHFCU Home Improvement Loan.