80/10/10 Mortgage

80/10/10 Hybrid Mortgage

Avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) without making the full 20% down payment normally required to waive this insurance. The 80/10/10 Hybrid Mortgage breaks up the loan as follows:

  • 80% of the loan is financed as a first mortgage; SmartMove Real Estate Rebate Program
  • 10% of the loan is financed as a second mortgage (Home Equity);
  • the final 10% comes from a cash down payment (or established equity in the home in the case of refinance), which is determined by the purchase price (or appraisal value of refinances in the case of refinance) of the home.

Many homebuyers prefer to avoid paying PMI since it can be expensive. This option may also free up some of your savings to be used for something other than a down payment—invest, pay off other debt, or even buy needed furniture for your new home. The 80/10/10 loan gives you more flexibility and allows you to save PMI costs.

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