After Settlement: Beware of Solicitations

JHFCU does not sell our members’ information to third-party companies. However, because buying or refinancing a house involves filing public land records, information about your transaction is available for review.

There are companies out there who target consumers who recently settled on a home and offer services related to the mortgage. You should be aware that JHFCU did not authorize the mailings nor has any affiliation with the companies, although often times these providers try to make it look like the mailing came from us by referring to your “Johns Hopkins FCU loan”. Also, the mailings sometimes look “official” and try to infer that you need the service or document; e.g. we have seen offers encouraging members to obtain a copy of their deed for a price. In almost all cases, the companies are just trying to make money while providing no real value to you. If you ever receive something in regards to your mortgage and have a question, feel free to contact JHFCU.

One other small piece of advice: When you get your homeowner policy renewal, be sure that the address they have listed for JHFCU is 2027 E Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21205. On occasion a wrong address is listed. If you notice a different address, contact our Escrow Specialist in our Accounting Department.