About Our Home Loans

Mortgage Options at JHFCU

JHFCU has an extensive mortgage program and has streamlined the process to provide faster time to settlement. We offer:

JHFCU can provide financing for the purchase of primary and secondary residences. We also offer jumbo mortgages for amounts exceeding conventional limits of $510,400.  

Property Location—States Where We Can Provide Mortgage Financing

JHFCU can finance your home in Maryland and surrounding states.  Specifically we can provide mortgages in:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania. 

Why Select JHFCU

Competitive Rates – JHFCU offers competitive rates and a broad range of programs to provide our members excellent value based on their individual needs and situation.  Click here for mortgage rates, but note rates can change at any time, so please call 410-534-4500 x740 to confirm current offerings.

Local Servicing -- One of the benefits of choosing JHFCU for your mortgage is that you are dealing with an established, local organization. All loans approved and disbursed by JHFCU are held in the Credit Union portfolio. You do not have to send your payments out of state; your servicing is done here at the Credit Union. We maintain your escrow account and forward payments for taxes and insurance.  You can view your account and escrow in JHFCU’s Online Banking, and can transfer payments from your JHFCU Checking or Savings account.

Getting A Mortgage

What Do I Need and How Do I Apply?

Find a Realtor with our SMARTMOVE partnership

Qualifying for a Mortgage—What Does It Take?

Closing Costs—What Are They?

What Happens After I Have My Home?

Tax Bill Guide – Some counties bill us electronically; for others you will need to send us your tax bill.  Find out details for each county and instructions for where to send your bill if needed. (link)

After Settlement—Beware of Solicitations