Reward Yourself With An Auto Refinance

Here’s Your End of 2019 Treat — 90 Days of No Car Payments and a Cash Rebate!

The last few months of the year provide us with holidays that include decorations, good food, and time with family. But they sometimes also include extra expenses.  If you are thinking it’d be nice to have more money for the end of the year, we have a treat for you!  In fact, it’s three treats in one!

  • Enjoy NO Payments for 90 days (so none till 2020)
  • Earn up to $219 as a CASH REBATE*
  • Lower Your Car Payment  and/or Your Total Interest—Check out our great rates here!

The sooner you apply the sooner you can start saving!  JHFCU’s End-of-2019 Auto Refinance Rebate will be available through December 30, 2019.

Refinance your auto from another lender, and earn:

$100 if your loan is $10,000-$19,999
$219 if your loan is $20,000 or more

You can also look into saving money on an extended warranty!

Let JHFCU help you through the festive holiday season—putting more money in your pocket for the final months of 2019 and beyond!

When applying, it’s helpful if you have your vehicle’s VIN, mileage and an estimated loan payoff, but that can be provided later as well.

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What Else Will You Need?

Our friendly lending team will reach out to you for a couple of other documents.  You will need to ask your current lender for a 10-day payoff, and will need to provide the original title if your car is financed in Maryland or a copy of your title if your state has an electronic title system (most other states use electronic titles)**.

Please note that JHFCU can refinance vehicles up to 7 years old (must be 2012 or newer) and have under 125,000 miles.  If your vehicle is older, there still may be some options to consider, so give us a call.


*Rebate will be credited to your Share Savings Account within 30 business days of loan disbursement.
**If you purchased your car in Maryland, you should have received your title when you originally purchased your car; if not, you will need to retain a duplicate from the MVA.  Rebate promotion does not apply to vehicles already financed with JHFCU.  Other restrictions may apply.