You can apply easily online, over the phone, or in person at any one of our branches. Generally, your loan request can be processed in minutes. The Credit Union offers the following types of vehicle loans:

New/Used Cars

When financing a car, JHFCU may be your lowest cost option, and there are other benefits to financing with the Credit Union as well. Rates are typically 2-3 percentage points lower than what banks or finance companies offer, and even though special dealer rates may be lower, it's most likely because they will charge you more for the car if you take the low rate. (In most cases, you have a choice of a rebate or lower rate, and taking the rebate and applying it towards the purchase generally works out much more favorably for you!)

The Credit Union offers flexible terms of 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months including a variety of repayment options. Rate is determined by an evaluation of the applicant's credit. The vehicles cannot be more than 7 years old and/or exceed 125,000 mile, and must be purchased through a franchised dealership. If the vehicle does not meet these requirements, it can be financed at our unsecured loan rate, for qualified applications.

Protect Your Investment.

We provide GAP and Debt Protection for most of our loans.

Closing Your Loan.

Funding your loan is easy at JHFCU.  We settle most of our loans electronically through DocuSign, so you never have to leave your home or office. You always have the option to settle at a branch or by mail.

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Purchase a car and finance with JHFCU and your first payment will be delayed 90 days!*

*By skipping your first 3 payments, you extend your maturity date approximately three months. Credit insurance coverage you have on this loan does not cover any deferred payment. Since loan interest still continues to accumulate, your final payment on this loan may increase.

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Blank Check Car Loan

Get pre-approved and earn 1% CASH BACK with our Blank Check auto loan - The most convenient way to buy your next vehicle.

Visit the dealership with the confidence to negotiate the best price, sign the check, and drive away!

  • Save time by having your financing complete before you even visit the dealership.
  • Lock in your rate at the time of pre-approval and it’s guaranteed for 60 days, even if rates go up.
  • No interest accrues until after you’ve signed the check over to the dealer.
  • Accepted by any franchised dealership (no private sales).
  • Good as cash, allowing you to negotiate the best price.

Once your vehicle is purchased, earn a 1% rebate on the amount you finance!*


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*Valid on New and Used cars only. Check valued up to the pre-approval amount. Other restrictions apply. Rebate will be credited to member’s savings within 30 days of loan disbursal.


Other Vehicles

You can also finance your new or used boat, RV, motorcycle, or mobile home with JHFCU - Rates.


Use the Equity in your Home

Home Equity loan & Lines of Credit are another financing alternative for your vehicle purchase. With low rates and no closing costs*, and the possibility of tax-deductible interest**, a JHFCU Home Equity loan may be worth considering. Contact the Credit Union for more details.

* The closing costs will be added back to the loan payoff balance if the loan is paid off within the first three years and are only paid by JHFCU one time per property with the Home Equity Line of Credit. Access your home equity line via Online Banking, Telebranch 24, or in person.
**Consult a tax advisor for specifics.