Get Your Loan Funds – In Person or Electronically

Once your loan is approved, we try to make that final step of getting the funds to you as painless as possible.  Depending on the type of loan, we offer several options for settlement.


JHFCU uses the secure email service DocuSign for collection of final signatures for vehicle loans, signature loans, credit cards and more.  So there’s no need to leave your home or office?  We will send you the documents and ask that you “click to sign” and submit back to us.  Then we will either:

  • Deposit the funds to your account
  • Send the check to the dealer (for vehicle loans)
  • Mail you a credit card
  • Mail you a check (if needed)
  • Have the check available for pick up at our front desk at your choice of branch

In Person

Stop in and sign your documents, and we will deposit the funds to your account or hand you a check.  Please bring your ID.  Also, all applicants will need to sign before the proceeds are disbursed.

By Mail

If needed we can mail you the documents (express options available at your expense).

Note: We can also set up your repayment options, including Payroll Deduction.