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Skip Your December Loan Payment

JHFCU is again offering members with Vehicle, Fixed Home Equity, or closed-end Signature loans the option to skip their monthly payment(s) for the June 30, 2018, payment cycle.*

For a $35 processing fee per loan, members can take advantage of this special offer! Letters have been sent to qualified members with details on this offer, along with a form to skip your loan payment (PDF). You may also inquire at any branch. Requests must be submitted on or before June 22, 2018.*

Please note: If you elect to skip the payment, interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance, and the loan maturity date will be extended by approximately one month. Please be sure to have all borrowers (including co-applicants/co-signers) sign your Skip-A-Payment Form. 

NOTE: Please note that you cannot skip your first loan payment. This offer is only open to loans that have a payment history established. This offer expires June 22, 2018. Also, by skipping your June 2018 payment(s), you extend your maturity date approximately one month. Debt protection and/or GAP purchased to cover your JHFCU loan(s) excludes deferred payments therefore, in the event of a claim, you may have a residual balance as a result of Skip-A-Payment authorization. Interest will continue to accrue on any unpaid principal balance(s) and may impact your final payment amount. Your scheduled monthly payment amount will not change, however the amounts applied to principal and interest may vary as a result of Skip-A-Payment authorizations. JHFCU will not process your request, and you may not skip your June 2018 payment(s), if all borrowers have not signed the authorization, if you do not have sufficient funds in the deposit account listed above to pay the processing fee, if your check for the processing fee is returned, or if your account does not remain in good standing during June 2018. The processing fee may post to your share account anytime through July 31, 2018. For electronic payment(s) made from a different financial institution, we need to have your form 7 business days prior to your scheduled payment.