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Share Savings Accounts

Savings & Investments

Share Savings accounts are the foundation of the Credit Union. As a member-owned, non-profit organization, member ownership begins with a deposit of at least $25.00 (one share) in a Share account. Most Credit Union members maintain a balance far in excess of this minimum amount and add regularly to their Share account through payroll deduction or other deposits. The Credit Union pays a higher rate of return on savings than most banks, and Share accounts are federally insured up to $250,000. For details on federal insurance, click here. The dividends are compounded daily, from day of deposit to day of withdrawal.

Once you open a Share account and deposit $25.00, you are eligible to utilize any other Credit Union services, as long as you maintain the minimum balance of $25.00 in your Share account. You can retain your membership, even if you leave the Hopkins community. If you close the account upon leaving Hopkins, you will not be able to re-open it unless: you return to work here or with another organization in our field of membership; your reason for leaving was retirement; or an immediate family member belongs to the Credit Union, thus making you eligible for membership. Click here (PDF) to fill out a membership application

Custom Savings Accounts

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union’s Custom Savings account is a secondary savings account that you can name yourself and use for whatever you want!* The account is tied to your primary Share Savings with the same account number, and is a great way to save for a specific purpose, like a car, vacation, wedding, home improvements, car insurance premiums, and more! Other benefits include:

  • A personalized account name to better keep track of your savings progress when viewing your statements or accounts online
  • Payroll deduction ability for convenient saving. The same great dividend rate as our regular
  • Share Savings account
  • Open up to 5 different Custom Savings accounts per account number — Great feature if you need to save for more than one thing!
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Federal insurance by the National Credit Union Administration
  • Internet/TeleBranch 24 access for transfers and check withdrawals (within Reg D limits)** — for ATM accessibility, just transfer amount to your savings or checking

JHFCU consistently offers attractive rates to help you achieve your goals, and now you can use the Custom Savings account to set money aside for a specific purpose without sacrificing yield! For current rates click here. To open a Custom Savings account, you can fill out this form (PDF) and mail it in or drop it off at any of our branch locations.

*Name length is limited to 20 characters, including spaces, and cannot include numbers or symbols. At its sole discretion, JHFCU reserves the right to restrict inappropriate account names that could be considered offensive, obscene, or threatening. Custom Savings accounts are subject to the same fees and restrictions as regular Share Savings accounts. Contact JHFCU for details.
**Regulation D, as set forth by the Federal Reserve Board, limits you to no more than six electronic withdrawals or transfers a month.

Money Market Accounts

With a JHFCU Money Market account, rates change when market interest rates change but tend to be significantly higher than other bank money market yields. See our rates page for current rates. A minimum investment of $10,000 is required. Higher yields apply on balances above $50,000. Withdrawals are limited to six per month and may be made via telephone or Internet, or in the branch.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates provide a way to save money at a higher interest rate than regular savings account with the security of federal insurance. Choose from several high-yielding certificates: 6-60 months with a $500 minimum investment or 6-60 months with a $50,000 investment (jumbo certificates). Visit our rates page or call TeleBranch 24 for current rates and yields.

Holiday Club Accounts

The Holiday Club is a special savings account that allows you to save regularly with a specific goal in mind. Deposits may be made over the counter or by Payroll Deduction. On October 1st of each year, all the money you have saved, plus all of the interest you have earned, is transferred to your regular Share Savings account and may be withdrawn. Holiday Club accounts may be opened at any time. Please be aware that the Holiday Club funds may not be withdrawn before October 1, except in extreme emergency, and there is a penalty for early withdrawal. Click here for Holiday Club rates.

Education Savings Accounts

You can save for your child's education at JHFCU with an Education Savings account. With costs of elementary, secondary and college tuition continually rising, it's never too early to start saving. An Education Savings account offers a higher interest rate than our regular savings accounts so that you can earn more money. Choose a 3-year term and earn premium rates without high minimum balances.

Custodial Account

Establish a Custodial Account for any child under the age of 21. JHFCU's Custodial Accounts are set up under the requirements of Maryland's Uniform Gifts to Minors Act. To open a Custodial Account, applicants must deposit $25. As the Custodian, you can monitor activity and contribute to the account. You are the only one who can withdraw from the account, but deposits can be made by anyone at any time. Once the child reaches 21, you can have that account converted to a regular share saving account as long as they are eligible under standard membership guidelines (see who is eligible). Stop by the Credit Union to pick up an application or call to have one mailed to you. Click here (PDF) to fill out a Custodial Account application.


JHFCU offers a secure place to invest your retirement dollars through our Individual Retirement Account (IRA). We offer Roth and Education IRAs, as well as Traditional IRAs. You can choose a 12, 24, or 48 months IRA certificate with a $500 minimum or our variable rate open-ended account with no minimum balance. Visit our rate page or contact us for current rates.

Most people are still eligible to deduct part, if not all, of their IRA contributions and everyone can enjoy the benefit of tax-deferred earnings. For information on deductibility, visit the Internal Revenue Site. JHFCU IRAs are also a safe haven to roll-over retirement plan distributions. For other IRA options, please contact a JHFCU Representative.

Click here for Roth IRA Calculators. (Link to Roth IRA calculators on Calculator page)

Rollover IRA Certificate

The current volatile market has many consumers feeling like their Individual Retirement Account balances are bouncing all over the place. Some investors have watched their investments melt and even produce negative returns while the stock market feels the heat of the sub-prime mortgage situation and other economic hotspots. But you can help your retirement savings earn a more stable return by rolling your IRA, 401K, or 403B money into a new high-yielding JHFCU Rollover IRA Certificate. When you open one of these new 18-month Certificates, you will lock into same great rate as our highest Money Market tier!* You’ll earn that rate for the duration of the term, with only a $5,000 minimum. And unlike risky market-based accounts that dip every time stocks plunge, you can rest assured that your Certificate is safely accumulating money for you in an insured account at a fixed rate.

Ready to rollover your IRA? Just stop by a branch or call 410-534-4500 to apply.

*$5,000 minimum required. Funds must be retirement account rollovers or direct transfers from other institutions only. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Please see your IRA agreement for restrictions and penalty information. Other restrictions may apply.