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Local Servicingnew home

One of the benefits of choosing JHFCU for your mortgage is that you are dealing with an established, local organization. All loans approved and disbursed by JHFCU are held in the Credit Union portfolio. You do not have to send your payments out of state; your servicing is done here at the Credit Union. JHFCU has retained a local processor to help process the initial application, but after approval, the loan is on the books at JHFCU. We maintain your escrow account and forward payments for taxes and insurance.

JHFCU has expanded its mortgage program and streamlined the process to provide faster time to settlement. We offer:

  • 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgages1
  • No Points and Other Options
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Our 15-year mortgage loan is perfect for members who prefer a shorter term, but want something longer than the 10-year option. The 10-year loan has been very popular among members with substantial equity who wish to refinance at a low rate to pay off their remaining balance in a shorter timeframe.

JHFCU can provide financing for the purchase of primary and secondary residences. We also offer jumbo mortgages for amounts exceeding conventional limits of $417,000.


80/10/10 Select Mortgage2

Our 80/10/10 mortgage option lets you make a smaller down payment while avoiding private mortgage insurance (PMI). 80/10/10 financing breaks up the loan:

  • 80% of the loan is financed as a first mortgage
  • 10% of the loan is financed as a second mortgage (Home Equity)
  • 10% cash down payment, which is determined by the purchase price of the home

This option can get you into a home more quickly, as you only have to save 10% of the purchase price for a down payment, unlike the traditional 20%. Another big advantage is that you can finance 90% of the home loan without having to pay PMI. Many homebuyers prefer to avoid paying PMI since it can be expensive and may not be tax deductible. This option may also free up some of your savings to be used for something other than a down payment - invest, pay off other debt, or for needed expenses that usually come with a new home (paint, furniture, etc). The 80/10/10 loan gives you more flexibility and allows you to save PMI costs.

For more information, contact the Loan Department at 410-534-4500, x503 or email


HomeFree Home Loan4

Do you want to be free of your first mortgage and escrow payments? Would you like to refinance your mortgage balance, but pay NO CLOSING COSTS?3 Do you want the flexibility to choose your own term…one that will enable you to be home free of mortgage payments in 12 years or fewer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new JHFCU HomeFree Home Loan could be for you! Our HomeFree Home Loan is actually a second mortgage product, but it is designed to be used to pay off your remaining first mortgage balance. It is a special product for members who have current mortgage balances under $250,000 who are looking to refinance, but who don't want to pay for closing costs.

There are some specific parameters for the HomeFree Home Loan:

  • You must use the loan to pay off ALL other mortgage loans on the property, putting your JHFCU loan in the first lien position.
  • The loan may be used for your primary residence only.
  • The loan is available for properties in Maryland and surrounding states only.
  • The minimum loan amount is $25,000.
  • The maximum loan amount is $250,000.
  • The maximum loan-to-value ratio allowed is 75%. (You need at least 25% equity in your home.)
  • Terms are set for 6, 8, 10 or 12 years, up to a maximum term of 12 years. If you elect a different term, your rate will be based on the next highest tier rate (e.g. a 9-year loan will have the 10-year rate).
  • Credit score and debt-to-income qualifications apply.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

For information, contact Sharon Battaglia at JHFCU at 410-534-4500, x230.


JHFCU’s Golden A.R.M.5

The Credit Union’s “Golden A.R.M.” is VERY different from most variable rate mortgages because it has NO INITIAL TEASER RATE and is tied to PRIME vs. the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate – an index on which most adjustable rate mortgages are based).

Key Benefits of our Adjustable Rate Mortgage:

  • Rate is Prime Minus 2.00% APR*
  • Rate Adjusts Annually to 2.00% below Prime on Anniversary Date — ensuring a rate that is, in almost all cases, below Prime for the life of the loan

Not only is the new Golden A.R.M. based on the Prime Rate, which is the rate banks traditionally offer their best customers, but the rate will be 2.00% BELOW Prime—fixed for one year at the time of settlement and adjusted on the annual anniversary to again be 2.00% below the rate at that time. So you will, in almost all cases, ALWAYS have a rate that is significantly below Prime! Plus, annual adjustments are capped so they can never increase more than 2% a year. There is also no cap on reductions, so if Prime drops significantly, you benefit from all the decreases (and save on refinancing costs that you might have incurred lowering a fixed rate).

If you currently have a high-rate or a traditional adjustable-rate mortgage, or are looking to purchase a home, the Golden A.R.M. is worth a look. You can save money upfront, plus have the peace of mind that your rate will always be significantly below the Prime Rate. For questions or to apply, contact JHFCU’s mortgage officers at 410-534-4500 (option 4).


10-1 ARM6

There are signs that home buying and refinancing are beginning to pick up, but consumers still need to find a mortgage that fits their budget and provides good value. JHFCU has developed a product that includes a winning combination of a low rate so you can save money, with the flexibility of a 30-year term to keep your payments affordable. The rate is locked in for 10 years, and after that can adjust annually on the anniversary date.

Reasons to consider JHFCU's 10-1 ARM:

  • Your loan is booked and serviced by a local lender— you won't be dealing with some out-of-town phone representative.
  • JHFCU is known for superior, professional service— you can trust us to listen.
  • You get a lower rate—equal to the one offered on our 15-Year Fixed RateMortgage.
  • You get a lower payment with the 30-year-term as the payments are amortized over the longer period and thus affordable— providing you flexibility within your budget.
  • Your rate is locked in for 10 years, providing you the security of a fixed payment for a longer time than other ARMs.
  • Annual adjustments after the initial 10 years are capped at 2%.
  • You can borrow as little as $50,000.
  • You can borrow up to $417,000; higher amounts available at a different rate. (call 410-534-4500 and press 4 for details.)

How to Get Started

You can contact Financial Security Consultants at 410-823-3300 to get your application process started. Financial Security Consultants will complete the documentation process (including verification of income and accounts), order an appraisal and credit report, and forward the file back to the Credit Union for final review and approval.

The Credit Union will let you know if your loan is approved and will instruct you to arrange settlement with the real estate attorney. The time from application to settlement is approximately 4-6 weeks.

clearIf JHFCU cannot approve your loan, Financial Security Consultants can work with you to possibly place your loan with another lender, saving you the trouble of reapplying with another institution. If you need to call Financial Security Consultants, the office can be reached at 410-823-3300 (or 1-800-730-7599 if calling outside the Baltimore metro area).

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Home Loans

JHFCU offers an extensive line of mortgages and home equity options. Whether you're planning to purchase a house, refinance an existing mortgage, tap into equity for a business project, or simply want the flexibility of a large line of credit, JHFCU can help.

Members can also use the loan calculator for principal and interest payment calculations: remember an additional amount for your escrow account (for taxes and insurance) would have to be added to your monthly payment, too, if you are calculating a first mortgage.


Home Equity Line of Credit

JHFCU offers one of the best Home Equity products around, with no closing costs.* The line can also provide overdraft protection for your Share Draft Checking account. Home Equity Lines are a revolving line of credit secured by the equity in your home. The money you've put into your house is yours to use over and over again. You can use the money for many purposes, and at a much lower interest rate than most installment loans.

Home Equity Lines of Credit offer another advantage: in most instances, the finance charges you pay remain tax deductible (consult a tax advisor for specifics). You can also access funds several ways: via mail, TeleBranch 24, the Internet Branch, a draft (check), or in person. Call the Credit Union and press 4 for an application and more information.


Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

If you would like the stability of a fixed interest rate but still want to benefit from the tax deductibility (consult a tax advisor) advantage of a home equity loan, then consider JHFCU's fixed rate Home Equity Loan. With this closed-end loan, you'll receive the proceeds of the loan at settlement. Therefore, this loan may be more appropriate for purchases you plan to make immediately, unlike the Home Equity Line which provides the option to use as needed. Your appraisal fee is refunded to you after settlement but will be added back to the loan payoff balance if the loan is paid off within the first three years.3 Call the Credit Union for more information.


The Smart Way to Buy or Sell Real Estate

Purchasing or selling real estate? Now you can receive professional real estate assistance and cash rebates through the SMARTMOVE® Program.

The Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union has teamed up with SMARTMOVE®, a national real estate affinity program designed specifically for credit unions to give you, our member, the highest quality, professional real estate assistance and CASH REBATES.

When you register with SMARTMOVE®, a coordinator will explain the SMARTMOVE® guidelines in order for you to qualify for a cash rebate whenever you buy or sell real estate. You'll receive a cash rebate for each transaction.

You will also receive high quality professional real estate assistance from specially trained and experienced agents who will help you with your search, and professionally market your current home or investment properties.

This program is available for properties located nationwide and applies to:

  • First time home buyers
  • People moving up to a larger home
  • People downsizing to a smaller home
  • Transferees (eligibility restrictions may apply)
  • Retirees
  • Investors

Best of all, this program is absolutely free to you as a valued member of JHFCU. To register or for more details, contact Introducing SMARTMOVE® at (800) 645-6560, Monday-Friday, from 9:00am-5:00pm (EST), or via the web at


If you receive a property tax bill and have a mortgage loan with JHFCU, please forward it to:

Accounting Department – Escrow Services
Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
2027 E Monument St
Baltimore, MD 21205
Fax to: 410-467-0298
Email scanned copies to:

Tax Bill Guide

Not Necessary to send  regular* semi-annual tax bill for:
(billing info is available on the county websites)

Yes PLEASE send copy of tax bill for:
(no online billing info available)

Anne Arundel

All other Maryland counties

Baltimore City  


Baltimore County

Properties outside of Maryland




Special Assessments such as:


    Baltimore City Special Benefit


    Columbia Association


    Town of Bel Air Tax


    Ocean City Tax

Prince Georges










* We research property tax information for listed counties in July and December.
   If you receive a revised or interim tax bill you will need to notify us of the update.




Please note JHFCU’s Board of Directors has established a limit on the amount of aggregate fixed-rate mortgages outstanding at the Credit Union, based on a percentage of the Credit union’s assets, so the offering of these products may be suspended from time to time. However, our mortgage processor, Financial Security Consultants, can place your mortgage with another lender at the same rate if you should apply during a time when JHFCU is not accepting new mortgages. JHFCU can only offer mortgages for properties in Maryland and surrounding states. Please contact JHFCU for details.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are current as of ___and are subject to change.

1Rates are based on the term of loan. 20% down payment required or 80% loan-to- value. With a $100,000 loan at 4.125% APR for 30 years, your payment will be $484.65 per month. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation will be greater. Property and flood insurance may be required. Other restrictions may apply.

280/10/10 Mortgage — 10% down payment required. With a $100,000 loan at 3.625% APR for 30 years, your payment will be $456.00 per month. With a $10,000 second loan at 3.00% for 10 years your payment will be $96.56 per month. Rates are based on the term of loan. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation will be greater. Property and flood insurance may be required. Other restrictions may apply. 3Closing costs will be added back to loan balance if the loan is paid off within three years.

3The closing costs will be added back to the loan payoff balance if the loan is paid off within the first 3 years and are only paid by JHFCU one time per property.

4HomeFree Home Loan — Rates are based on evaluation of credit history, term of loan and upon refinancing your non-JHFCU loan. With a $100,000 loan at 3.875% APR for 12 years, your payment will be $869.47 per month. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation may be greater. Property and flood insurance may be required. Other restrictions may apply.

5Golden ARM(Adjustable Rate Mortgage) — Rate is variable and is based on evaluation of credit history. Prime minus 2% with a current floor of 4% APR. Adjusts annually. Rate may be increased after consummation. Need a payment example. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation may be greater. Property and flood insurance may be required. Contact JHFCU for current rates. Other restrictions may apply.

610-1 ARM(Adjustable Rate Mortgage) — 20% down payment required or 80% loan-to-value. Adjustable Rate Mortgages are variable and your annual percentage rate may increase after the original fixed rate period. A $100,000 10/1 ARM loan, at 2.875% APR, for 30-years would be $415.16 each month, for the first 120 months, then adjust accordingly. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation may be greater. Property and flood insurance may be required. Contact JHFCU for current rates. Other restrictions may apply.