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If you've got questions about our Account Access or Bill Payment services, you've visited the right page. Just link to the questions below and you will find answers to common questions and problems. If you're unable to locate your question here, please feel free to contact JHFCU for further assistance.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. For our hours of operation including holiday and late openings, please click here.

Q. Where do I find my Personal Identification Number? And can I change my PIN?

A. The PIN used for first time online Account Access is the same one used for TeleBranch 24.

You must use a numeric PIN for this purpose, since the TeleBranch 24 system only accepts numbers. Your PIN will be 4 digits long. We suggest that you not use numbers that are part of your birthday, address, phone or social security number to prevent someone from guessing your PIN. You may also change your PIN via TeleBranch 24.

Q. What do if I do if my check was not received by my payee via Online Bill Payment?

A. Payments processed as checks can take longer than electronic payments. While the processing time by the Bill Payment service is typically the same (processed the day the request is submitted, as long as it’s before the cutoff for processing), they can take longer to be received by the payee. The checks are mailed via the US Postal Service, so you have the possible delays you have with anything sent through the mail (i.e. holidays, weekends, traffic, etc.) Please allow for a longer period for receipt with payees that are paid by check. Also, alert the payee, if possible, that the check will arrive in a plain envelope and may not be easy to recognize as your payment.

If your check was not received within 15 business days of being issued, please contact us. We will be able to tell you if the check cleared, or place a stop payment if needed (stop payment fee may apply)..

Q. I keep getting "time out" messages each time I try to explore my account information.

A. You may need to change your timeout session time. To do this, log into your account, click on "User options," then click "Change Your Timeout." Here you can choose to stay logged in for 5-60 minutes per session.

Q. What functions are available through online banking Account Access?

A. You can conduct transfers, view transactions, verify cleared checks, view account history, receive online statements, make check withdrawals, make deposits (via DeposZip), pay bills electronically via online Bill Payment, access FinanceWorks, apply for loans, and much more.

Q. How do I cancel my Bill Payment service?

A. You must complete a Bill Payment Cancellation form to cancel your service. You can cancel your Bill Payment account online by logging into your account, going to the Online Services tab, and selecting Bill Payment Cancelation.

Q. What are ways I can find my account number within Online Banking?

A. There are several ways to find your account number within Online Banking. You can go to:
- Online Services > E-Statements (or by viewing your paper statements)
- Accounts > Export Activity (this puts the account number on the top of the file).
- Online Services > Check Request – displays account number
- Online Services > Check Copy – displays account number.

Q. When will Internet Branch transactions be posted?

A. The Internet Branch system is online and real time. Your account will be updated as soon as you complete the transaction. If you complete a transaction after normal business hours and try to view account history, you may need to change the reference date at the bottom to the next business day.

Q. May I download information to my financial management software?

A. Exports are availbe through Quickens Direct Connect feature, but must be conducted through your Quicken software by choosing "Online" from the file menu and clicking on "Participating Financial Instutituions," then following the diretions (please see Quicken software directions for full details). The Internet Branch allows downloading to older versions of Quicken or Microsoft Money. Click on "Export" after you click "Account Access." .QIF format downloads for importing checking, savings, and loan data would no longer be permitted in the 2004/2005 versions. Later versions of Money also do not permit exports.

Q. Could you give me information about exporting files?

A. The Export service allows you to download your account information into a formats for MS Money, Quicken Web Connect, Quick Books Web Connect, and a CSV file format. These formats are compatible with personal financial management (PFM) software packages. Please be sure to select the file format for your PFM product.

Q. For what periods is "transaction history" and check copies available?

A. Account Access will allow you to span 10 year's worth of transaction activity. Check copies are available for 1 year. If you need a copy prior to one year, you may request a check copy online or by contacting the Credut Union. Check Copy fees may apply.

Q. What about security issues? Can other people see my accounts or watch what I'm doing with my transactions?

A. We use the best available technology in security, firewalls and encryption. Account Access will only accept three (3) invalid password attempts before locking the account out. As an additional security measure, JHFCU requires a Capcha code and Multi Factor Authentication with Questions and Answers, before you are able to access your account. We advise you not to share your password with others, or to keep it in any place readily accessible to others.

Q. What is JHFCU's routing number?

A. 252076235

Q. How do I file a complaint against my Credit Union?

A.While we hope that things can be resolved by speaking with one of our representatives, VPs, CEO, or Board of Directors, we understand that sometimes there may be a need for a mediator. In these cases you may contact NCUA or Before filing a complaint, the NCUA requires that you first attempt to resolve the dispute with the credit union. You can call us at 410-534-4500, or email us at If you have a complaint regarding the regulation or practices of your federal credit union, and you have already attempted to resolve the issue with the credit union, you may file a formal complaint with the NCUA.

Q. How do I use Quicken Web Connect?

A. To us web connect you will need to do the following to download your information:
- Log into your account:
- Hover over "accounts" (located in the top menu bar)
- Click on "export"
- Choose the account you want to export (you will have to do each one separately)
- Choose the export format of "Quicken Web Connect"
- Click the "Download Data" button

*Note - We do not support Express Web Connect for security purposes.

Q. How will I log into my account after registering?

A. After you complete your registration, the next time you log in you will use your User Name and Password that was created during the registration process.

Q. I seem to be entering the capcha code incorrectly, what could I be doing wrong?

A. Please make sure you are not entering spaces or using capital letters. At this time capcha is all lowercase, letters/numbers, and has no spaces. If the Capcha code is unreadable please hit refresh to obtain a new code.

Q. How do I order checks?

A.At this time you will have to contact the Credit Union to place a check order. If you know exactly what check you want you may contact us through the secure messaging within you account to order checks.

Q. Can I make deposits with my mobile device?

A.Yes. JHFCU offers mobile deposits for Apple and Android mobile devices. To make deposits, you will have to install our mobile app. For further information please click here.

Q. What is DeposZip?

A. DeposZip is a free secure service that allows you to scan or capture paper checks from your desktop or mobile device and electronically send the images to JHFCU for deposit through Online or Mobile Banking. For detailed information on DeposZip, please click here.

Q. What browser versions are most compatible with Online Banking?

A.The following are most compatiable with Online Banking:
- Internet Explorer 9 or above
- Firefox 31.0 or above
- Safari 6.1.1 or above
- Chrome 37.0 or above

Q. Why does my device show as "failed" after successfully registering it?

A.Most likely the code entered during registration was not in the correct upper/lowercase format. Try to reregister your device, using a case-sensitive format.

Q. Where can I see my Escrow?

A.To view your Escrow, first log into your account. Under the account summary page, click on your mortage account, then the "View Escrow History" link on the top of the page.

Q. I can't view my statements. What can I do to fix this problem?

A.If using a MAC: Go to “Safari” “preferences” select to “block cookies: never.” Once you have are able to view your statements, you can go back to your preferences and change it to whatever your setting were before.
If using IE: Click on the "compatibility view” option on the right of the address bar (looks like a paper ripped in half).

Q. Why am I being asked to accept 3rd party cookies for Bill Payment using Firefox?

A.Because Bill Payment is through a company outside of JHFCUs online banking pages, you are asked to accept third party cookies to access it using some browsers, such as Firefox (because you are not accessing the page directly, but through a "secure single sign on"). To allow 3rd party cookies for just Bill Payment (and no other sites/pages), you can add the following URL to your browser's trusted sites: Another options is to manage cookies for an individual site/page by Right-clicking on the web page, select "View Page Info," then select 'Allow' on the 'Set Cookies' option from the 'Permissions' tab. (This is how it works in Firefox 10, so you may need to upgrade if you don't see these options).

Q. How do I download JHFCU's mobile app?

A.For complete directions on our mobile app please click here.