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JHFCU Checking VS. Higher One


Please do not think you have to use Higher One for your banking needs. You have the ability to deposit to your personal account! Higher One will mail out debit cards to each student, all you have to do is go online to select a reimbursement method. Students have the option of receiving a paper check or having the money deposited in a preexisting personal account. You do not have to use their debit card. Use caution, there can be many fees attached with Higher One.

"Despite claims of increased convenience for students, some are finding that Higher One fees are making a big dent in the disbursed aid money. It’s impossible to say exactly how much revenue these fees represent for Higher One because fees paid by students and interchange fees from merchants fall under the same category of “Account Revenue” in Higher One’s 10Q filings.

While she can’t give any exact numbers, Lemoine says the average OneAccount holder pays less than $50 a year in fees, accounting for under half of Higher One’s total revenue. By our calculations, this means that the average student pays as much as around $45 a year in fees, a number that’s way too high for students on financial aid and approaching $90 million in revenue for Higher One."


JHFCU Checking
Higher One Account
The Scoop
Monthly service fee

No monthly fee for students or, $100 or more in direct deposit; otherwise $3.95

A financial aid refund does not qualify as a direct deposit.*

Caution:Higher One charges a $19 per month abandoned account fee for accounts that have been inactive over 9 months.

JHFCU does not charge for checking

Minimum balance

See above

Mobile Options
(Text alerts, mobile app and mobile deposits)


FREE Online Bill Pay


Direct Deposit


Large ATM Network

You must use Higher One or you will be charged $2.50.

JHFCU has a large nationwide network of ATMs.

Replacement Card Fee
$20 No fee at JHFCU if accompanied by a police report
International transaction fee
PIN-based fees
Official Check 1 free per day, additional checks $2.50 each $8 each  
Checks First box of JHFCU style free (120 checks), then free with Bill Payment, Estatements, and Visa debit card. Otherwise, based on check style 3 complimentary starter checks, then $7.95 for a box of 50 checks  

*OneAccount account holders will be charged $3.95 per month. The monthly service fee will be applied to the customer’s account within 5 business days after the close of their monthly statement cycle. If the account holder is a student, as defined below, or performs a direct deposit of $100 or more per month, the $3.95 monthly service fee will not be assessed. A financial aid refund does not qualify as a direct deposit. Students are defined as those who have received a financial aid refund deposit to their Higher One checking account in the past 6 months or self-identified as a student on their program website.